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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Kinesiology

Option in Exercise Science

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Exercise Science Option?

A: The Exercise Science Option is for undergraduate students who are interested in the scientific aspects of physical activity and sport. The Option was designed to meet most of the required prerequisites for students interested in pursuing careers in Exercise Science as well as the allied-health sciences, such as Physical Therapy.

Q: What types of job opportunities are there for individuals who have an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science?

A: There are a number of job opportunities for individuals with degrees in Exercise Science aside from pursuing careers in Physical Therapy or other allied health sciences. These include, but are not limited, to such jobs as:

Exercise Specialist ­ a position that involves developing and supervising exercise programs for healthy and diseased populations (e.g. cardiac rehabilitation patients).

Exercise Test Technologist ­ a position that involves exercise testing patients in a clinical setting.

Exercise Physiologist ­ a position that involves health and fitness programming as well as exercise testing for either healthy or diseased populations.

Fitness Manager ­ a position that involves overseeing the development and implementation of fitness programs for healthy populations and includes supervision of daily activities and staff.

Personal Trainer ­ a position that specializes in developing and implementing training programs in a one-on-one activity setting.

For more information regarding jobs and careers contact the American College of Sports Medicine or the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Q: Do I need to apply to the Exercise Science Program?

A: Yes, as the Exercise Science Program is an impacted Option.

Q: I am not currently a student in the Exercise Science Option. What steps do I take to apply for admission to the Exercise Science Option?

A: You need to fill out and turn in the Application for Exercise Science Impacted Option by February 1 for the next Fall semester or by October 1 for the subsequent Spring semester. You should turn in the application to the Kinesiology Department Office located in the Health and Human Services Building 2, room 103 (HHS2-103). Attach a sealed copy of your official transcripts--which show the prerequisite courses--to the application.

Q: What are examples of community college equivalent courses for the CSULB anatomy, physiology, chemistry and physics requirements in the Exercise Science Option?

A: To see examples of these courses from several local community colleges, please click here.

Q: I am interested in applying to the PT program at CSULB, which option is best for me to fulfill the prerequisites for entry into the program?

A: Physical Therapy requires 64 units of prerequisites that must be completed for entry into the program. With appropriate course selection, the Exercise Science Option will fulfill 40 units of those prerequisites. By comparision, the program in Biology will fulfill 47 units, while the option in Kinesiotherapy will fulfill 10 units. For a complete listing of courses, please click here.

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