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California State University, Long Beach
Health Science Department at CSULB

Chair's Message

Dear Colleagues:

Welcome back to a new semester at Cal State Long Beach. I hope the break provided you an opportunity to relax and recharge for the challenges of academic life. The new semester promises to be a productive and exciting one as each of us contributes to making the Health Science Department a transformational place for educational excellence. Again, welcome back and I look forward to engaging with you in the months ahead.

Welcome to the Health Science Department

The Health Science Department is home to over 1000 students, including pre-majors, undergraduate and graduate students, 11 Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty, 6 full-time and approximately 40 part-time lecturers. Students and faculty are representative of the university's diverse population reflecting a wide range of ages, cultural backgrounds, and life experiences. Faculty members are dedicated to teaching, scholarship, and service. Faculty members strive to develop responsible and knowledgeable graduates capable of addressing social and public health problems. The department maintains a strong commitment to research through individual and collaborative efforts. Additionally, faculty members provide visionary leadership for local, statewide, and national professional organizations, governmental agencies, voluntary, and community based organizations.

Graduate Program Accreditation

The Graduate Program has completed and been granted a seven-year renewal of its accreditation. Please click here for the final report.

Admission to the Program

The options in Community Health and School Health within the Health Science Department require no special admission procedures.

Freshman/Transfer Information

All freshman students entering CSULB should begin preparing for their first semester of study by taking the Mathematics and English Placement Tests (ELM and EPT) offered by the University. In addition to completing GE requirements prior to entering CSULB, transfer students should consult the CSULB catalog for lower division courses that may be taken at a community college. Please refer to the Department for possible updates. Registration for fall classes begins with the Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) program. A SOAR brochure will be mailed to admitted students.

Scholarship Information and Financial Support

  • Gaines Award
  • Pollack Award
  • Assistantships/Faculty Research Projects
  • Scholarships from the College of Health and Human Services
  • Scholarships and Support from the University