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California State University, Long Beach
Health Science Department at CSULB

Career Fair and Student Poster Presentations

Health Science Department

Introduction by Department Chair, Dr. Robert H. Friis

Pyramid Annex, May 13, 2009

            Welcome to the annual career fair and poster presentations held on this May 13, 2009. First, I would like to recognize our student organizers, faculty sponsor Dr. Mo, other faculty members, and Associate Dean Dr. Stanley. In addition, I would like to welcome our speakers from the professional community, Mr. Olenschlager and Dr. Van Sky, both from the Orange County Health Care Agency. Our first event in this format was held last year.

            I would like to recognize some of the department’s achievements this year:

  • Students were highlight actively with several key on-campus events:
    • Participation in the Kaleidoscope open house
    • Active program of health promotion and related activities during the year
  • Four graduate students were recipients of graduation honors.
  • The graduate program was reaccredited for seven years--the longest duration possible.
  • We now have four graduate degree options: MS, MPH, MD/MPH, and MSN/MPH.
  • A total of 95 applicants applied this year--the greatest number ever.
  • Our grants and research activities involved numerous undergraduate and graduate students; more the 25 papers (with student and faculty collaborations) were presented at the American Public Health Association last year.
  • A significant number of our graduates are pursuing doctoral degrees (e.g., MD and Ph.D.s) at prestigious universities across the U.S.
  • We continue to maintain close linkages with professional associations such as the Southern California Public Health Association and the Southern California Society for Public Health Education.

How does today’s event relate to the many challenges faced by the public health work force and the larger society? First of all, what is the proper focus of public health? It is the field that addresses the health of the public from the population perspective; epidemiology is the discipline that studies the distribution and determinants of health outcomes in the population.

  • Numerous challenges exist within the field of public health. Three of these are:
    • Health disparities among different groups
    • Increasing access to healthcare services
    • Coping with threats such as pandemics and the H1N1 outbreak

Many of the posters on display today deal with topics such as these. From these presentations, you can see that there are numerous and exciting issues that you will confront during your career in public health. This event will help you to explore further the service and employment opportunities that exist in our community.

Congratulations to those of you who will be graduating, and have an enjoyable summer.