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California State University, Long Beach
Health Care Administration Program

HCA Student Forum (HCASF)


About Our Organization

The California State University Long Beach Health Care Administration hcasf_sealStudent Forum (HCASF) is a recognized campus student academic organization. HCASF provides a vehicle for constructive student involvement, recognition, and representation in the profession of health care administration. Its mission is to promote an environment conducive to educational and ethical development of personal and social skills for effective leadership in healthcare organizations.

Once you are enrolled in HCA 300, you are automatically enrolled into the HCA Student Forum's organizational mailing list on BeachBoard. On BeachBoard, go to My Organizations, and search for or click on “HCA Students” to find information about upcoming meetings.

If you wish to learn more about and apply to become a member of the HCASF, go to CSULB's OrgSync; both it and HCASF's BeachBoard organization have contact information for the HCASF officers and the faculty sponsor. These sites also contain information on HCA meetings, and, additionally, community events of interest to students preparing for careers in healthcare administration as well as for career and paid internship opportunities.

HCASF's Activities

  • Develop associations with local and regional healthcare executive groups in order to enhance academic and career opportunities.

  • Invite alumni and health care administrative practitioners to meet with students.

  • Participate in campuswide student government.

  • Advise the HCA Department Chair and faculty of student concerns and suggestions for improvement.

  • Help students network and find internships and jobs.

  • Have FUN with fellow students and alumni!


Your 2016-2017
HCA Student Forum Officers
President Carlos Mena
Vice-President Briseida Gonzalez


Alyssa Watkins

Secretary Brittany Johnson
Membership Dinah Nguyen
Events Claudia Villasenor
Fundraising Beatriz Perales
Community Outreach Joseph Sapida
Public Relations Lauren Blaschke
Liaison Joey Victor