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California State University, Long Beach
Health Care Administration Program

Upsilon Phi Delta: HCA's Honor Society


My name is Susana Gutierrez and I am pleased to announce that I am your Upsilon Phi Delta (UPD) Honor Society President for the ’17-’18 school year. It is my greatest honor to represent this society and uphold the values and goals set in place by my predecessor. As a new addition to our honor society I am eager to participate in our planned activities as I will also be building my skillset alongside our members. My personal goal for this school year is to elevate the standards and leadership abilities of our students soon to be employed in the in the healthcare field. By joining our society students will have the opportunity to gain knowledge of the healthcare field by building collaborative relationships with each other, faculty, and healthcare professionals in the community.

As a newly appointed executive member of this society I will be working alongside fellow members of our society to bring the best opportunities and experiences to our students. Such events include guest speakers, workshops, and hands-on field related involvement. The priority of this society and the goal of these events is to provide an opportunity for student development ensuring that they have ample encouragement and recognition necessary for them to grow as healthcare professionals.

Together I hope to provide students with a positive experience that promotes growth and success to all wishing to gain professional understanding and knowledge of the healthcare industry. I hope to see you all at the events and I am excited to also partake in this journey of growth.

Upsilon Phi Delta has been established by the Association for University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) since 1965. As a new organization on campus, we hope to make an impact in the department by rewarding student involvement. Our mission is to recognize, reward, and encourage academic excellence in the study of healthcare management and policy.

Wishing you the most success in this ’17-’18 academic year,

Susana Gutierrez
CSULB UPD Chapter President

About Our Organization

Founded in 2016 and sponsored by the Association of University Programs upd logoin Health Administration (AUPHA), a nationwide organization dedicated to the improvement of health and healthcare delivery though excellence in healthcare management and policy education, the CSULB (Beta) chapter of the Upsilon Phi Delta national honor society recognizes both undergraduate and graduate academic excellence in the field of health care administration here on campus/

UPD's membership consists of individuals who have proven to maintain high academic achievements, service the community, and contribute to the continuous improvement of our healthcare profession.

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Your 2017-2018
Upsilon Phi Delta
Honor Society Officers
President Susana Gutierrez
Vice-President Edwin Atilano
Treasurer James Ranslow
Secretary Serje Yeritsyan
Director of Events Kristopher Lam
Director of Social Media and Marketing Elizabeth Cano
Director of Membership Vida Rebello
Director of Public Relations Albert Aguilar