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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Graduate Student Research

2016-2018 Graduates

Medical Nutrition

Kristin Mahood, Thesis: Wine Tasting Perception in a Person with Isolated Congenital Aglossia, Naïve Taster, and Sommelier

Franziska Valent, Thesis: Taste Testing in a Pediatric Case of Congenital Aglossia

Candace Gonzalez, Thesis: The relationship between dietary intake of Magnesium, fiber, and fluid intake and constipation using NHANES data

Kelly Sloan, Directed Project: A guide for nutrition and health professionals to improve their ability to identify and use credible, science-based resources on the internet

Kariann Akiyama, Thesis: Taste detection in post-laryngectomy head and neck cancer survivors and its effect on dietary intake and malnutrition status


Sports Nutrition

Brooke Ellison, Project: Development of Nutrition Resources in a Smartphone Application to Promote Optimal Energy Availability in Collegiate Endurance Runners

Nicole Alai, Thesis: Development of a Sport-Specific Curriculum Addressing Self-Efficacy to Optimize Carbohydrate and Calorie Intake Among Male and Female High School Cross-Country Runners

Francis Dizon, Thesis: Treatment and Return to Play of Three Runners with Bone Stress Injury and/or Other Traits of a Male-Version of the Female Athlete Triad: A Case Series

Allison Yoshinaga, Thesis: Snacking in Youth Sports

Casey Bautista, Thesis: An evaluation of the “Run Fueled” nutrition education application: Component use among collegiate endurance runners


Community Nutrition

James Childers, Thesis: Evaluating Parental Options of Healthy Snack Guidelines for Youth Soccer

Holden Funk, Thesis: A Quantitative Evaluation of Cooking Classes Taught to College Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sarah Minkow , Thesis: Cooking Attitudes, Behaviors and Self-Efficacy in Relation to Fruit and Vegetable Intake Among Young Adults

Rebecca Kishimoto, Thesis: Registered Dietitians' Perceptions of "Healthy" in Personal and Professional Practice and Attitudes towards the "Health at Every Size" Movement

Christine Gilbert, Thesis: Factors Associated with Dietetic Interns’ Knowledge of Sodium and the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA)

Audrianna Atencio, Thesis: Effectiveness of Nutrition Education Sessions to Increase Non-Nutrition Graduate Students’ Level of Nutrition Knowledge and Confidence in Giving Nutrition Advice

Caitlin Peterson, Thesis: Qualitative Evaluation of an After-School Youth Leadership Program Based on the Perceptions of the Program Participants

Stephanie Detoya, Thesis: Canned Food Choices of College Students Using NuVal Nutrient Profiling System

Caitlin Woglom, Thesis: An Analysis of the Perceived and Objective Diet Quality of Young Adults in the United States

Barbara Jirickova, Project: Development of a Children's Cookbook with Healthy After School Recipes and Nutrition Education Information

Emily Abbott, Thesis: How students access nutrition information: a study on social media and health literacy

Gisela Garcia, Thesis: Eating behaviors among California State University, Long Beach Student Veterans

Dahlia Rimmon, Thesis: Nutritional knowledge, behaviors, and perceptions among Jews in the United States


Food Science

Meline Chakalian, Thesis: Promoting Dietary Chemoprevention Through Development of a Functional Food Product Using Sweet Potatoes (Ipomoea batatas (L.) lam) and Ginger (Zingiber Officinale)

Jenny Nguyen, Thesis: Product development considerations of flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum) supplementation for the aging population: a pilot study

Jill Vrastil, Thesis: A comparison of mineral content in organically and conventionally grown almonds