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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

The Master of Science Degree in Gerontology



The application deadline for fall admission is June1 of each year.

(The application deadline for spring admission is October 1 of each year)

Completion of the admission process prior to that date is required for consideration for admission to the Master of Science degree in Gerontology.

If you are interested in taking courses in a Spring semester, prior to your proposed admission to the program, please contact Dr. Barbara White for information about registration through "Open University".

* If you are interested in a Certificate in Gerontology to complement your major field of study, please visit the Certificate website HERE.


What is Gerontology?


CSULB Gerontology Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Admission to the Master of Science in Gerontology Program at CSULB (For Prospective Students)


Master of Science Degree Requirements

What Can I do as a Professional Working in the Field of Gerontology?

Student/Faculty Research and Scholarly Activities

Our History & Program Highlights

CSULB Gerontology Program Newsletter

Sigma Phi Omega: The National Academic and Professional Society In Gerontology

Other Information

Bulletin Boards:2nd floor FCS (first boards right/left up the stairs)

Beach Board Sites: Master’s in Gerontology Student Website

Associated Center: Center for Successful Aging

Graduate Student Resources (Click Here)

Websites of Interest to Gerontology

Scholarship Information

Gerontology scholarship available $250-$500 in the spring of each semester by application. Generously donated by or in honor of the following:

  1. Dorothy L. and Margaret A. Fornia Gerontology Scholarship
  2. Swanner-Fosnight Scholarship in Gerontology
  3. Jeanne Bader Schoarship

For Scholarrship application form, please contact the Graduate Advisor


Program Director and Graduate Advisor

bwhite Dr.Barbara White

Phone: (562) 985-1582
Office: FCS-FA-14

Gerontology Certificate Advisor

maria_claver Dr. Maria Claver

Phone: (562) 985-4495
Office: FCS-FA-11

Program Lecturers

goeller William Goeller, MS
Office: FCS-FA-11


Lisa Lares, MS


elena Elena Ionescu, MS
Office: FCS-FA-14


CS Cynthia Schlesinger, MS 


weir Melanie Weir, MS

Program Graduate Assistant

CO pictureCynthia Okialda, MSGc
Office: FCS-FA-14