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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Current Graduate Student Procedures

  Student Checklist for Completion of MS Degree in                        Nutritional Science


Graduate students should consult this worksheet to assure that procedures are followed and deadlines met. 

Graduate students must maintain continuous enrollment in both fall and spring semester to maintain graduate status.  This can be done through 1) registering for a class; 2) taking an educational leave; or 3) registering for GS 700 when finished with 3 units of 692 or 698.  Students must be registered in the semester in which they graduate.

After FCS 696 (Research Methods) but prior to enrolling in FCS 697, students must be ADVANCED TO CANDIDACY.


  1. Completion of nine (9) graduate level units including FCS 696.
  2. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.
  3. Completion of Program of Study Form with advisor.
  4. Submission of Program of Study form to FCS Graduate Coordinator for approval, signature, and forwarding to the CHHS Dean’s Office.


  1. After being advanced to candidacy, complete the Petition to Enroll in FCS 697 form and submit it to the FCS Graduate Coordinator.
  2. Work with thesis/ directed project chair on completing proposal (Chapter 1 – 3).
  3. Obtain approval for proposal from all committee members by collecting committee signatures on the Signature Page for Thesis/Directed Project Proposal Approval form.
  4. Turn in signed signature page to the FCS Graduate Coordinator.

                                      GRADING FOR FCS 697:

If FCS 697 is not completed with a letter grade in the semester in which the student is registered, the student will continue to work to complete FCS 697.  A letter grade must be assigned for FCS 697 before the student can register for FCS 692 or 698.  After 1 year, unfinished RP grades in FCS 697 convert to a W, and the student is required to retake the class.


  1. Consult with Institutional Review Board (IRB) website to determine if thesis or directed project requires IRB approval
  2. Turn submission packet into IRB.
  3. Obtain approval from IRB.
  4. A copy of the IRB letter of approval should be included in the appendices of the thesis/ directed project, if applicable.


  1. After receiving a grade for FCS 697, students are eligible to enroll in FCS 692 or 698. Request a permit from the FCS Graduate Coordinator for enrollment.
  2. Work with the thesis/ directed project chair to conduct research and complete chapters four and five (results and discussion).
  3. Submit draft to thesis/ directed project chair. After thesis/ directed project chair has approved a draft, committee members will review and make comments.
  4. Integrate feedback from committee members, provide a revised copy, and schedule oral defense of thesis/ directed project with committee members.
  5. At the time of your thesis/ directed project defense obtain approval signatures from all committee members:

                  GRADING FOR FCS 692 and FCS 698:

RP grades in FCS 692 or 698 are changed to a letter grade after the thesis/directed project is cleared by the CSULB Thesis and Disertation Office.


  1. Visit the CSULB Thesis and Disertation Office website or call (562) 985-4013 to check the submission deadlines for each semester. NOTE: The submission deadlines vary each semester! If you would like a pre-consultation with CSULB Thesis and Disertation Office, please visit the website.
  2. Submit a hard copy of your Thesis/ Directed Project Signature page (as mentioned above) to the CSULB Thesis and Disertation Office.
  3. Then, submit your Thesis or Directed Project to the CSULB Thesis and Disertation Office electronically.
  4. Make changes according to the feedback from the CSULB Thesis and Disertation Office until the manuscript is approved. An approval letter will be sent to your thesis/ directed project chair, which your chair will provide to the Graduate Coordinator.
  5. Email final thesis/ directed project to FCS Graduate Assistant, and copy the Graduate Coordinator.
  6. Apply for copyright if desired at the Campus Copy Center (562) 985-5050.

                            FILE FOR GRADUATION:

  • Visit this website to file for graduation.

If you want to graduate spring or summer, file your request to graduate between March 15 and October 15. If you want to graduate fall or winter, file your request to graduate between November 1 and March 1. Late fees apply for missed deadlines. Students must be enrolled in the semester they plan to graduate. Students can enroll in GS 700 if needed.

                            POSTER PRESENTATION

  1. Graduating graduate students are required to present their findings at a department-wide poster session at the end of the fall or spring semester (depending on which semester you graduate).
  2. Contact the FCS Graduate Assistant by February 1st for spring presentation and October 1st for fall presentation to schedule the poster presentation.
  3. Complete poster presentation.
  4. Graduate!


All forms listed above are also available on the FCS Department Website. Please refer to the current Graduate Student Handbook or contact the FCS Graduate Assistant at for additional information.