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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Didactic Program in Dietetics

Transcript Evaluation – Foreign Degrees

As of October 2017, our program is no longer able to offer a pathway to a verification statement for anyone with an international degree, even if it is in nutrition.

Due to our new 2017 accreditation standards and institutional limits on non-CSULB students taking coursework in our DPD, we have determined that it is not possible for an international degree holder to meet the same Core Knowledge requirements as our program unless they had already completed an ACEND-Accredited program.

I Live Locally - What Other Options Do I Have?

We encourage you to reach out to other DPDs, including "Distance Education" options that may offer online learning so that you do not need to physically reside where the institution is located. Contact their DPD Director and ask if they offer a pathway to a verification statement and find out what steps you need to take to have your degree evaluated. You will likely have to take additional coursework to receive a verification statement. You might want to look for their “DPD Director” to find the person with whom you should talk. See a complete searchable list of all undergraduate options here.

If you completed this route elsewhere then in the future you could apply to CSULB's Dietetic Internship and/or Master of Science Program in Nutritional Science.