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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Food Science [SUSPENDED]

The Food Science option at CSULB has a 90% employment rate. The program at CSULB is highly respected and well published. Food science draws upon many disciplines, such as nutrition, chemistry, microbiology, and physics. CSULB’s Family and Consumer Sciences department offers a food analysis lab to provide students with hands-on experience.

A minor in food science is also available to students in related fields such as dietetics, chemistry, and microbiology.

A Graduate Program is also available to expand on the education and research in food science.

Major Curriculum (selected courses)
Introductory Nutrition NUTR 132
Orientation to Dietetics & Food Administration NUTR 234
Principles of Food Preparation HFHM 235
Fundamentals of Human Nutrition NUTR 331A
Food Science FSCI 332
Cultural Aspects of Food & Nutrition NUTR 336
Introduction to Food Processing FSCI 338
Food Analysis FSCI 432
Food Processing, Preservation & Packaging FSCI 435
Internship in FSCI FSCI 492F
Directed Studies FSCE 497

Organizational Participation

Students carrying an option in Food Science at CSULB may choose to participate in the Students Food Science Society. This organization provides them with opportunities to interact with professionals in Food Science and learn about many career options available.

Scholarships in Food Science majors are available through SCIFTS and CDIA.

Employment Opportunities in Food Science

A B.S. in Dietetics and Food Administration with an option in Food Science offers students a specialized interdisciplinary curriculum which includes food science, food processing, sensory evaluation, nutrition, chemistry, microbiology, plus an variety of supporting courses in related disciplines.

Graduates with a Food Science Option can find work to include: planning, organizing, directing and evaluating food processing and packaging programs; advising companies on food protection and sanitation; conducting research; creating formulas and procedures for food flavor applications and modifying new and existing products. Careers for professionals in Food Science include: Food Scientist Research Associate, Food and Packaging Engineer, Food and Drug Inspector, Food and Ingredient Sales Representative.

Many opportunities exist whether you want to work independently, progress from member to team leader of a research team, take charge of a processing facility, or go into management and administration. Your own creativity and career goals are your only limits in a career in food science.




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