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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Didactic Program in Dietetics

Prospective Students –Transfer Students (Without a Previous Degree)

This information is for prospective transfer students (please visit If You Already Have a Degree to read about options for people interested in a career change).

Thank you for your interest in our program! Due to the volume of potential applicants, we do not review transcripts or advise prospective students on transfer courses beyond the information available on

Did You Know? CSULB preferentially accepts applicants who graduated from priority high schools in Los Angeles and Orange Counties (e.g. Long Beach Unified, ABC Unified, Compton Unified, Downey Unified, Huntington Beach, etc). To see if your school applies, visit Local Admission Area Schools & District Map.

Admissions Information

  • The admissions process occurs entirely independently from our department. We do not have a supplemental application or any additional requirements beyond what you see on their website. Additionally, we cannot provide any additional advice about being admitted to our program apart from the general CSULB Admissions page. We encourage you to meet with your community college counselor to ensure wise selection of classes prior to transfer.
  • All major-specific transfer admission requirements for the DPD degree can be found here.
  • We have 3.0 minimum overall GPA requirement.
  • REQUIRED lower division preparation courses (grade of C or better required) equivalent to:
    1. NUTR 132 – Introductory Nutrition
    2. BIOL 207 – Human Physiology (different from anatomy)
    3. CHEM 111A – General Chemistry
    4. CHEM 227 – Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
    5. MATH 113 – Precalculus Algebra
    6. BIOL 201/MICR 200– General Microbiology for Health Professionals
    7. Statistics course (same as any of the following: STAT 108 – Statistics for Everyday Life; BIOL 260 – Biostatistics; or PSY 110 – IntroductoryStatistics, PSY 110 Introductory Statistics)
    8. General Education requirements (see CSULB Transfer Admission Eligibility)
  • OPTIONAL, but beneficial to improve timely graduation, l:ower division preparation courses (grade of C or better required) equivalent to:
    1. HFHM 176 - Fundamentals of Food Preparation
    2. FSCI 232 - Food Science

    Be sure to check to see what courses might be equivalent at your school. To see a complete list of current courses for the major, check out the advising sheets located on the main Nutrition & Dietetics page (top right box) which show the names and course numbers.We do our best to ensure timely graduation, but based on which classes do/do not transfer and course availability, we cannot guarantee all transfer students will finish in 2 years. If you take any upper division courses that you think might be equivalent, you are encouraged to keep all copies of your syllabi and then upon being admitted will receive a transcript evaluation.

    If you have specific questions about admissions at CSULB you can contact University Outreach at (562) 985-5358, or The College of Health and Human Services does not evaluate transcripts until students are accepted.

Most Importantly . . .

Since our program prepares future registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs), we strongly encourage transfer students to aim high and get very good grades in all their science courses. GPA is an important factor that predicts success in being matched to a dietetic internship after you graduate (see Becoming a Registered Dietitian), and many programs require a 3.0 minimum science-course GPA (B’s or better). It can be frustrating for transfer students to enter the program and realize they could have sped up their path to becoming an RDN just by doing a bit better in chemistry or biology.