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California State University, Long Beach
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Students apply the synergistic, integrative nature of the family and consumer sciences profession with its focus on the interrelationships among individuals, families, consumers, and communities as taught in human systems theory and life course development and students apply this understanding to the study of their areas of specialization.

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  1. Explain growth and development and the influences of heredity and environment, and their interaction, on growth and development.
  2. Analyze personally and socially accepted opinions about pregnancy, factors influencing prenatal growth, childbirth, child rearing, child guidance, gender differences and gender roles.
  3. Objectively record and accurately interpret the behavior of young children in the following areas:  physical/motor, cognitive/language, and social/emotional as they apply to community settings.
  4. Select fabric and garment designs that are practical and appropriate for the individual.
  5. Plan financial goals for the various stages of the life cycle.
  6. Evaluate the diffusion of cultural ideas and symbols in clothing and adornment.
  7. Analyze the main components of the contemporary fashion industry and their influences on consumer clothing purchase decisions.
  8. Plan nutritionally adequate menus considering food habits, age, gender and culture.
  9. Apply the principles and elements of design to interior environments including child care centers, housing, production facilities, restaurants and retail stores.
  10. Explain opportunities and career paths in Family and Consumer Sciences specializations and related fields of study.
  11. Describe the mission of Family and Consumer Sciences as a discipline and a profession focused on the study of families and interaction of individuals and families in their near environments.