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California State University, Long Beach
FCS Dietetic Internetship

Estimated Program Costs per Year

Cost Description Price
Tuition* (California Resident) for 2 years, > or = 7 units/semester, and 2 summers) $19,200
Professional Expenses
AND Annual Dues $50
OD and LAD District membership $20
Meals on Workdays $1,500
Transportation & Fuel $3,000
Textbooks & Packets, Lab Coats $800
Meetings and Seminars $1,500
Professional Liability $60

Fingerprinting/Physical Exams, Immunizations $350
TOTAL Estimate** $26,490

*Tuition price is subject to change. See current catalog for tuition updates. Non-California resident tuition prices is more than double in-state costs, averaging $40,000 for a 2 year program. For residency information please go to

**Estimate does not include food (except workday lunches), rent, or any personal expenses or personal travel.