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California State University, Long Beach
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Let There Be Music!

by Jim Worsham

Music abounds at OLLI. Classes and workshops offer something for many musical appetites. Bring your own agenda - re-inite a youthful passion, pursue a sidelined avocation, or share your knowledge and talents with eager novices.
Folk Guitar with Craig Lowe and Richard Harris. These two gentlemen pursue their music like a religion, and, when not performing as “Uncle Clarence,” they eagerly convert as many souls as possible. They’re also developing a special program for OLLI members to highlight the benefits of music for an aging mind.
Catch the Spirit Chorus with Fran Harding and assisted by Phyllis Goodwin, piano accompanist. The OLLI Chorus is an outgrowth of a Music Appreciation class Fran taught for several years. Every year she prods her chorus to achieve perfection. Her interest in music dates back to junior high school when she took up the bassoon. Piano was a must in her home, and she has since added the recorder.
Ukulele for All Levels with Mike Young. For Mike, learning the ukulele was a bucket list item. Studying hard under the previous instructor, he eventually became accomplished enough to take over the class. He admits there are challenges that come with mixing beginning and advanced players, but he takes them in stride.
The Recorder Consort with Muriel Pendleton. This dedicated instructor has been introducing people to the recorder for 15 years. Class members soon learn why the “recorder flute” has been popular with music students since the fourteenth century. Muriel’s group enjoys performing at various libraries during the holiday season each year.
Self-Help Harmonica Workshop with Bruce Bishop, Marc Davidson, and Jim Worsham. After a trial run of two terms, the Harmonica Workshop is now officially a class at OLLI. Students range from no experience to very accomplished, but all are excited about playing an instrument you can carry in your pocket. Many styles of music are explored.
Gospel Music Workshop led by Dr. Gwendolyn Philips Coates is one of the newer classes at OLLI. We are pleased that she found us to share her tremendous gospel music background. Students are guaranteed to have a hand clapping, toe tapping, good time in this class. They listen and sing along with (occasionally) a steady progression of music from spirituals, hymns, traditional, contemporary, and even Rap!
Let’s hear an “ENCORE! ENCORE!”

From the Computer Lab

by Kathy Winkenwerder

Family Research
If you’ve been meaning to get around to exploring your family tree but it seemed like too big a project, the Click Start Your Genealogy Research class is a good place to give you the encouragement and the skills you’ll need to get started. This class is offered once every year.
You’ll learn what kind of information you’ll need to collect and where you might find it. It often starts with dusting off family photo albums and scrapbooks, digging for birth certificates, letters, and other documents that could tell you about your family. You’ll also explore internet resources like census and newspaper records. You may not be able to trace your family back to the eighteenth century like some people do in the TV show Who Do You Think You Are?, but your research will be rewarding to you. It also will be a gift to other members of your family.
Bonnie Elsten, who has taught classes in the computer lab for ten years and spent a great deal of time researching both her own and her husband’s family histories, teaches the class. Before she came to OLLI, Bonnie was an elementary school teacher, and ran her school’s computer lab. She also taught a class at CSULB that showed teachers how to use technology in the classroom.
New Photoshop Software: Photoshop Elements 15
Whether you’re new to Photoshop Elements or you want to brush up on your skills, now is a good time to learn about the latest version of this powerful photo-editing and organizing software. Some of the new features in the software, that has just been installed on lab computers, include a search function called Smart Tags, which uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify people, places, and things. The Adjust Facial Features function can turn a frown into a smile or adjust eyes, nose, forehead, and chin. You’ll be able to make everyone look good!! Check the schedule for class times.