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California State University, Long Beach
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From the Computer Lab

by Kathy Winkenwerder

Looking Back to the Good Old Days of 2009
to See How Far We’ve Come

Changes in the world of computing seem to happen
by the minute, so as we hurtle forward, trying to keep up with the new and wonderful things these changes bring, it’s interesting to look at those simpler times ten years ago. Here’s what our winter class schedule looked like in 2009.
More of our students were computer beginners than are now, and our classes reflected that. Some of what we teach today has stayed the same, mainly the introduction to computer operating systems and some of the software that runs on them. The 2009 VHS to DVD and Digital Camera classes became the start of what we now spend more time teaching: the use of remote devices like cameras, phones and tablets and how to use their apps and features.

Brava and Bravo Computer Lab Coaches!
Volunteer coaches sign up for duty in many of the classes in the computer lab. They help get classes ready for instruction, help students with questions, and for instructors, they are often the extra brains in the room that remember technical details. Some of our coaches have volunteered in the computer lab for years and are as dedicated to helping students learn as the instructors are. They are appreciated beyond measure.
Telling your story using PowerPoint
You may have taken OLLI’s long-running memoir writing class, or have jotted down a memory of some period in your life. Have you found some old photos that would be perfect illustrations to add. Or maybe you’d like to use your own voice to tell a story.
Harold Drab offers PowerPoint for Your Memories, the class where you will learn the basics of PowerPoint, adding text, photos, or sound, so you can present your memories on a screen. You will be able to give your family and friends the gift of that memory, and also be able to send your presentation anywhere with an email. This class is open to anyone who has a story to tell, and who has basic computer skills.

Talented Members

by Rick Adams

Tina Bowman not only hurdles English grammar challenges as she edits stories for The SUN, she also jumps hurdles in reality. She recently competed at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Malaga, Spain. She placed second in the W65-69 300 meter hurdles race. This meet is held in various locations every two years with five-year age groups from 35 to 100+.. Congratulations Tina . . . and thanks for helping make The SUN a winner!
Tina is a former CSULB faculty member and current OLLI member and instructor. She
recovered from rotator cuff surgery in April in time to win the W65 300m hurdles at the U.S. Masters National Championships in July in Spokane, Wash. She started running at 13 years old with the Long Beach Comets under Ron Allice, and has been training at CSULB for almost 35 years.
“I’d been hoping for months and months to compete but thought I wouldn’t even have a track season this year when I learned I’d torn my rotator cuff,” Bowman said. “Though I trained really hard, I’m amazed I was able to have a season and do so well.”