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California State University, Long Beach
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Women’s Image on Film

by Syd Pomi alli

The Silents: Virgin to Vamp

Re-live our youth of Saturday afternoons at the movies with Women’s Image in Film!
In addition to the films, we will learn about the women pioneers in the film industry and how they found their voice in a world that was and is still dominated by men. The late 1920s were among the most rewarding years for women in the film industry. There were more women writers, producers, directors, and stars in Hollywood than at any other time in history, including today.
Held on Saturdays at the CSULB campus, this course is led by Allyson Hathcock, a woman with a passion for film history. She has taught many other OLLI film classes and has demonstrated her enthusiasm for the genre and her knowledge of the personal history of many stars and artisans.
This winter session class offers a great opportunity to go back in time with a highly-qualified guide. We’ll go all the way back to
the time of the Silents and appreciate the impact that that era’s women in film, both before and behind the camera, have had on our society.
The smell of fresh popcorn would help to complete that Saturday afternoon movie experience!


LifeFit Center - Fit for Life

It is well-known that both exercise and social support are key components of successful
aging. However, it can be challenging to stay inspired in an exercise program when doing it alone. Working out with a friend or family member builds additional motivation to keep you on track with your health and fitness goals.
The LifeFit Center @ The Beach (LFC) offers many opportunities to enhance your health and fitness with your friends. Two of the LFC’s most recent programming additions include Buddy Training (two members working with a personal trainer) and Small Group Training (three members working with a personal trainer). Sweating and laughing next to a buddy develops deeper socials bonds, creates a feeling of comfort, and makes you more likely to try new exercises. Not only is it an affordable option, it is also a way to build new friendships while bettering your fitness. fit
Summer and Fall 2015 were filled with social activities: a fun team exercise scavenger hunt around the CSULB campus, friendly competitions aimed to promote regular exercise, and a yearbook contest in which members shared high-school yearbook photos for a chance to win a free month of LFC membership. All of these events boosted camaraderie and pride within the LFC community.
The major benefit of being part of the LFC is developing lasting friendships while staying physically active. We invite you to join us to improve your health and fitness while becoming part of the LFC family. To learn more about the LFC, stop by for a tour or contact Assistant Director Emily Sopo at 562-985-2087 or

Bring a friend to OLLI and share our motto:
Learn More ~ Age Less