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California State University, Long Beach
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OLLI on the Road

by Mike Doyle

A trip to Lawry’s Restaurant and
the Getty Center Museum
Buddhists say, “It is better to travel well than to arrive.” That was something to think about as “OLLI on the Road” took the HOV lane in the comfort of the Lux Bus motor coach for our August 24th adventure.
The first stop was Lawry’s Restaurant, famous for its prime rib beef and spinning salad. The motor coach stopped a Lawrysfew steps from the door where the waiting staff greeted us at the beginning of a well-paced delicious lunch. We had the place reserved just for ourselves.
Then smooth as silk we were whisked off to the Getty Center for a very special attraction. We had perfectly-timed tickets for the admission to the replicas of the Cave Temples of Dunhaung.
To see the originals built in the 4th century, one would have to travel to remote northwest China in the Gobi Desert, perhaps by camel, along the famous Silk Road. There are more than 450 additional caves, serving as rest stops, market places, and Buddhist shrines for the traveler. It must have been teeming with commerce during its peak. getty
Just up the hill from the replicas, was a 3D virtual-reality tour of an actual cave in China with a descriptive narrative of the life-size statues found within. Then exhibited in the
adjacent Research Gallery were more than 40 preserved artifacts found in another cave.
As we gathered for the trip back and boarded the bus, it was a bit sad because our trip was coming to an end and the exhibit would soon be leaving the Getty. We dreamt of new travel ideas on our way home!
“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Legacy Giving

An endowment is a fund of donated assets
invested to generate income that supports the future operations of a nonprofit beneficiary. Endowments typically do not spend any of the original gift principal, so they can theoretically provide an annual income stream that lasts forever. give
Many folks are proud of earmarking a generous gift to their alma mater’s endowment in their will or trust. It’s an expression of gratitude for the guidance, knowledge and
direction acquired during important years of youth. But, what about OLLI?
The time spent at your favorite alma mater may have been just four or five years. Looking back today, that’s not very long. On the other hand, if you
begin taking classes at OLLI when you are 55 or 60 years of age, you could be benefitting from life enrichment classes for another 25 years. That’s longer than all your years from birth to college graduation!
Yes, a gift to your high school or college may add to the narrative of providing a solid education opportunity for young people, but that responsibility is already to some degree supported by taxes and
government programs. Senior citizens are often an overlooked generation.
OLLI has been a tremendous blessing to thousands of seniors who still want to learn and contribute to our community. Your gift to OLLI at CSULB will help sustain and expand this valuable effort.
The new Donor Wall in the lobby gives appropriate recognition to previous donors who have helped to make OLLI available and affordable for you. Please show your appreciation of OLLI by adding your name to the Donor Wall with a meaningful gift.
It’s easy to do.
For further information contact Susan Berkman, Assistant VP of Gift Planning in University Development at: She can advise your attorney how to make “OLLI at CSULB” a charitable beneficiary in your will or trust.

Bring a friend to OLLI and share our motto:
Learn More ~ Age Less