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California State University, Long Beach
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Preventing Heart Disease

Would you like to enjoy a healthy, long life, which sometimes seems elusive for people after they reach age fifty? The class Preventing Heart Disease and Cancer may be your answer.
This class will show you why heart disease, stroke, and cancer are the major causes of death in the United States with poor diet and lifestyle as primary factors. Come and learn how our bodies work and how certain factors can either promote or largely eliminate degenerative diseases. See how marketing and lack of health education contribute to poor eating habits. Understand which foods promote excellent health and how to develop a health-oriented diet so your risk of heart disease and cancer will drop dramatically.
Instructor Wendell Covalt holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Indiana University. His career was in sales and marketing in the computer software industry. He is also co-owner of a software company that went public in 1998.
Wendell is a certified Food Over Medicine Instructor, who has never taken a prescription drug and has no known medical issues. He has given health presentations in many venues including Princess Cruises on the Red Sea, Mexico and the Mexican Rivera. His lectures, graphs, and data are based on his 40 years of health experience, training, and a variety of books.
In 1973, Wendell chose to eat meat for the last time. Today at 71, he works out multiple times a week and is laser-focused on maximizing his body’s potential. He maintains a balanced approach of healthful eating habits combined with regular exercise. He also enjoys hiking, traveling, and tending his 150-square-foot organic

LA Opera Talks

Intended for the novice as well as for those familiar with the exciting world of opera, OLLI presents several opportunities to learn about and enjoy this most lavish of the arts. The Abduction from the Seraglio was presented at OLLI by LA Opera Educator Ed Lieb on January 24.
Larry Verdugo’s exciting and interactive presentation on Strauss’s Salome will be on February 28. On April 25, for those planning ahead, he will be presenting Offenbach’s The Tales of Hoffmann.
Larry is a trained and talented speaker for LA Opera. A native of California, he was raised in Los Angeles. An alumnus of California State University, he earned his B.A. in English literature and a masters degree in social work. Upon retirement from Kaiser Permanente he connected with the Los Angeles Opera and under their training has been speaking at community events, in libraries as well as at OLLI. He has a wealth of information about this art form. He is a great movie lover and observed that background music and the dramatic situations of many movies blend with opera, proving the influence of one art form on another. At class we not only listen to the score, but he brings the composer to life as well as the performers with wonderful insight.
For me it was a delight to speak with him as we traded ideas about our favorite tenors and
divas of the past. If you have never seen an opera or have felt this is not your “thing” after one session with Larry you may come away thinking, why have I not exposed myself to this before?
And if you are already an opera lover, he may bring sounds to your attention that you never heard before. All this from a person who grew up in the era of Rock and Roll!