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California State University, Long Beach
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Memoirs and More...

There are a variety of ways for you to explore the world of writing at OLLI.
OLLI Memoir Writing is the longest running class. It started in 1996 and always welcomes new members to this unique writing program. The group is planning on archiving the works at CSULB to make these human stories available to all! Phyllis Goodwin has let us publish a portion of one of her stories here.
Dr. Paulino Lim Jr. is offering a new class Writing a Feature Article. Each participant is expected to write the first draft of an article intended for publication in a specialized magazine. Sessions will discuss writing techniques and strategies. Writers will read completed sections of the article written at home, and the class will give their response.
Recall and record the significant moments of your past through the process of Guided Autobiography (GAB). Teri Hershberg, Certified Guided Autobiography Instructor, will encourage you to “tell all!” Learn the tools for writing your own life story; a new topic is assigned each week. The group will share all stories and receive positive feedback with confidentiality. No need to be a talented writer, just tell your own story.
Write, Edit, Re-Write, Publish... taught by Sallie Rodman
encourages writers to publish non-fiction work. She is accepting only returning students this session.
Joan Smith has offered the Writing for Wellness class at OLLI in the past. Class members, through directed writing, can restore hope, compassion, and care. Subjects include choosing happiness, recapturing joy, and capturing nature’s power. This class is not focussed on grammar or professional writing but on expressing oneself, and will help the writer heal.
Linda Carr has found a way to write Memory into Poetry and her class offers a way to develop that skill. Use those “moments to remember” and write out your life-poems.
YOU have a story to tell!

Locust & Pine...

Charles Savitz Restrauant was located on the northeast comer of Ocean Blvd. & Locust Avenue. I remember it so fondly because my Great-Uncle John used to invite us as his guests for dinner, as his reward to our family for the services my father, Eugene, had done for his uncle. We did not own a car. Uncle John did. We did not eat out ever. Uncle John did. He always urged us to have the famous Breaded Veal Cutlet dinner, with all the trimmings. We obliged him. We certainly never had that scrumptious a meal on my father’s limited income. We always were on our best behavior and used our very best manners so as not to embarrass our parents or Uncle John.
Heading north up Locust Avenue were many shops and jewelry stores. At the corner of Broadway and Locust was located Barker Brothers Furniture Store and Desmond’s Mens Wear was near by. I used to marvel at the lovely china, crystal and silver as well as the beautiful chairs, sofas and tables on display in the windows. I would dream that someday, maybe someday, we could buy something new from there. It turned out that July 31,1951 my father was killed in a car accident so that “someday” never happened for him. But in 1953, I registered as a new bride at Barker Brothers and Bob and I received some pieces of Haviland china as wedding gifts purchased from that store.
Desmond’s always had the newest fashions, shoes and ties for men. Again, my Father never lived long enough to receive any gifts from there. I remember thinking what a big deal it was for me to purchase a beautiful green and brown Pendelton shirt from Desmond’s. Then I took the shirt to a yarn shop and bought matching skeins of yarn with which to knit Bob a pair of Argyle socks which were all the rage then. I was so thrilled to wrap his Christmas gift, beautiful wool items. Bob never wore them. I also did not know that he was averse to wearing anything made of wool, because it made him itch. Well, what did I do? It was too late to return the shirt. The woolskeins were now socks. So for the next fifteen years or so I wore them during the winter storms, or even later, when we went camping in the mountains. I really enjoyed those items.
One block west, on the southwest corner of Pine and Broadway was Buffum’s Department Store. We loved to window shop, but again the prices of clothing from Buffum’s was out of our reach. Heading north up Pine Avenue to Third Street you could find the original Joe Jost’s Bar and Grill. We never went there. Across the street on the northeast comer stood the original Farmer’s and Merchant’s Bank. Over the years many a movie was filmed inside that bank. It had marvelous character from the beautiful exterior, the unique teller’s windows with ornamental wrought iron. We never had any money to deposit there, but I loved to look at it. Bob and I were thrilled when we were able to open our checking account in 1976 at F & M Bank.