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California State University, Long Beach
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OLLI Mosque Visit

“As-Salam-u-Alaikum, Peace be upon you!”
OLLI class participants were warmly greeted last May at the Islamic Society of Orange County Mosque, Masjid Al-Rahman, as a finale to the spring Islam class. As we replied, “Wa-Alaikum As-salam, May peace be upon you too!” we were escorted to the main prayer hall of the mosque to observe the mid-day prayer service, followed by a hosted lunch.
In our information-packed class we had heard from seven different teachers from the Muslim Speakers Network on as many different topics related to Islam. Our questions had been thoroughly answered, friendships had developed, and a feeling of hospitality and welcome had been established. Now inside the mosque, we sat in reverent silence as the Call to Prayer was sung and Muslims began to arrive. Some came dressed casually, some traditionally, and some in business attire, all first putting their open-palmed hands alongside their heads in a gesture of surrender to God, then bowing, heads on the ground, in personal prayer. Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi led the congregational prayer; afterward he gathered the OLLI students around him, pointing out the calligraphy inside the prayer hall and answering any remaining questions. There was a sense of peacefulness, deep spirituality, and respect for each other in the room.Once the prayer service was completed, a generous and delicious lunch was enjoyed by all at large round tables, with some follow-up remarks by both Muslim speakers and grateful OLLI participants.
It seemed as if a great divide had been crossed, and we all had gained better understanding and a profound respect for our new friends. We realized that although we may have differing histories and points-of-view on some subjects, our common humanity and desire to understand each other had brought us
together with a shared desire to live in peace, mercy, and harmony.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Do you have trouble hearing in certain situations? Listening to the television? Talking on the phone? Hearing your grandchildren’s voices? Whether or not you wear hearing aids, this special event may be just the thing for you. In conjunction with Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America, OLLI will be providing members and guests who have hearing loss (or know someone who does) the opportunity to learn about and experience various devices that can improve the ability to hear better in everyday situations.
The Event will be held in the Campus Classroom (Room 101, Building HS&D) on Saturday, November 4 from 2:00 P.M. - 4:30 PM.
Presenting will be Katie Wright, President of the Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter of HLAA and a Hearing Assistive Technology Trainer. Accompanying her will be several members of the Chapter’s H.A.T. (Hearing Assistive Technology) Committee who will bring with them an assortment of personal amplifiers, TV/computer amplification systems and devices which alert to doorbells, alarm clocks, telephones, smoke alarms, etc. These devices can be very helpful to people with or without hearing aids and are less expensive than hearing aids.
This is a hands-on demonstration of devices owned by the Chapter; the Hearing Loss Association of America does not sell hearing aids or the devices to be demonstrated. Information on where to purchase the items will be available.