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California State University, Long Beach
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In the Spotlight

by Sylvia Manheim

Welcome to the world of technology at OLLI. The brave new world has finally arrived. No longer will we have to get to CSULB at 7:00 on a Saturday morning and, while waiting in line, say hello to old friends, talk about our children and grandchildren and about what we did during our vacations, hug each other, and then rush in to register for the classes which fill up rapidly and for other interesting classes. Now we can choose to relax in our PJs at home and, using our computer, pick which classes to attend, and register online. Whoopee for progress!
Spring Term 2017 was both busy and exciting. Thanks to the course offerings, we could come out of the term with new knowledge and insight into the fields of architecture, social realism, gospel music, Hindu art, film, exercise, Shakespeare, current events, finances, theatre, short stories, and the study of Islam and its holy book, the Koran. These are just a handful of topics covered by courses offered at OLLI last term.
Additionally, we had a special event on education in Cuba, and a lecture was offered on Social Security and retirement, and on International City Theater. A special speaker for a day was a community educator from the LA Opera. One of the most
outstanding days in the term was an educational afternoon at the Garden Grove Mosque, part of the class on Islam. Approximately 150 OLLI members and their guests were there. We witnessed a prayer service, had a magnificent lunch, and were afforded an opportunity for questions and answers on the religion and practices of Islam.
I am happy to report that OLLI’s satellite campuses are busy as ever. An OLLI town hall meeting held on May 31st was well attended. Monica Lounsberry, Dean of Health and Human Services, spoke on two major issues facing OLLI, space and parking. She told the audience that the university is aware of OLLI’s parking problems and its need for additional classroom space. Many ideas were presented at the town hall; however, nothing definitive has been decided. One idea of many suggestions at the meeting was
instituting a valet service to park cars or finding a way to trolley people to and from parking. We’ll see!
The members of OLLI would like to thank Karin Covey and Carl Curtis from the bottom of our hearts for their hours of endless volunteerism whatever the weather, including hail and rainstorms. We wish good health and speedy recovery to Roz Hertz, Elizabeth Lopez and Bill Fitzpatrick. We are all waiting for each of you to resume your activities at OLLI.
This fall, the 2017-2018 academic year begins. How fast time flies! My advice: Take that extra class, meet new friends, exercise at the LifeFit center, have fun, stay well, participate and be involved, and do something delicious for yourself!

Editors Note: Did you know? Sylvia was 1 of 23 women honored at a Woman of Distinction awards ceremony hosted by Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell. Her “Ability to Inspire Positive Change” award was given to her for her work in establishing the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center – Breast Center.

Welcome New Members

by Karin Covey

In 2015 OLLI began the tradition of hosting an open house to welcome new members twice a year – in the fall and in the spring. These events are open to all OLLI members but the focus is on providing new members an opportunity to learn more about OLLI and the CSULB campus, to meet new people, and to have their questions answered.
OLLI members who joined in Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 were invited to attend the open house held on Saturday, May 13. Attendees were greeted by Patti Worsham and Barry Bosscher and given name tags. They were given a chance to participate in OLLI Bingo, an “ice breaker” designed to get people talking. They then headed into the OLLI classroom to mingle and enjoy some very good brownies.
Dr. Barbara White, OLLI Executive Director, welcomed attendees and provided information about CSULB, the College of Health and Human Services, and where OLLI fits. Naida Tushnet, OLLI Vice President, provided information about OLLI’s past, present, and future plans.
Members-at-large Michael Gavin and Len Jacobson were introduced and representatives from the various OLLI Working Groups gave brief presentations on their responsibilities; Jim Worsham-Communication, Karen McDonough-Education, Vicki O’Toole-Member Services and Kathy Winkenwerder-Technology. Becky Low gave an overview of the brand-new on-line registration capability introduced in the summer session.
A staple of the new member open house is distribution of an information packet including information on the upcoming events, an OLLI organization chart, a CSULB campus map and list of available services, parking information and much more.
The OLLI Bingo winners were announced at the end of the meeting. As in traditional bingo, the first people to complete a line – across, down or diagonal – won. Among the winners were Veronica Bryant, Gwendolyn Coates, Georgiana Fox, and Karen Lucas who each received a much coveted OLLI mug.
Thanks to super-leader Karin
Covey, Kay and Barry Bosscher, Judy Glaister, Vicki O’Toole, Patti Worsham and Candy Yamagawa for planning and organizing the