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California State University, Long Beach
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In the Spotlight

by Sylvia Manheim

Welcome to a wonderful winter semester of new adventures in learning. Summer rushed by like a twinkle in one’s eye. Fall disapeared like leaves on a breeze. Yours truly spent her 28th summer watching the liquid highway on the Columbia River. Barges of wood, fish, and passengers floated by as I sat on the deck at the river’s edge with the Cascade Mountains behind me in Skamania, Washington.
In addition to my being fortunate to be in the Northwest this summer, my daughter Camryn has a great role on Broadway in a musical called Spring Awakening. They have a sold-out house every evening. We should rent a plane and have an
innovative field trip to 47th and Broadway, NYC.
Becky, our splendid office manager and technical expert, had a wonderful holiday in Amsterdam and Germany and took in an opening night opera. Linda Palitz and Jan Berliner had an exciting experience on their trip to Israel. I am sure many of you had fun on your autumn holidays as well.
On August 22nd more than 200 members of OLLI registered for classes for the fall semester. This was the largest number of students that ever registered at one of our Saturday sessions.
Our quintessential organizer and volunteer, Janie Payan celebrated her 70th birthday; oh to be so young. Yours truly celebrated her 90th birthday as well. Because I don’t feel a day older than Janie, I am sure that there was a mistake at the hospital. And to top it off, our distinguished SUN editor, Jack Blecher celebrated his 93rd year; hoorah to all of our
senior scholars!
Five members of OLLI were in rehab for various reasons this summer:Don Freidman,Dale Leiberfarb,
Barbara Stevens, Don Freeman and Jane Adair
. Fred Masback fell and broke his wrist. I hope they have all recovered and are able to return to OLLI.
Our satellite campuses at Pine Ave and Leisure World are getting new and different classes and drawing more students. Leisure World now has seven classes.
Better watch out, they may try to equal our classes on campus shortly.
Enjoy the new semester and new classes, make new friends, and try something different. All of you, be well.

The First Amendment

by Roz Hertz

joeWhat is the purpose of the 1st amendment of our Constitution? “It ensures against governmental intrusions on the essential personal freedoms; freedom of religion, freedom of the press, free expression, freedom of association and freedom of assembly.” (taken from a quote by Michigan State University). “It was adopted on
December 15th, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.” (from Wikipedia).
Recently there have been protests regarding the freedom to express ourselves under any circumstances. Joe Ribakoff will clarify
under what circumstances speech may be interpreted as a crime, or if a crime has really been committed. He will present Supreme Court cases that exemplify The First Amendment and discuss how they apply when national security and speech rights collide over issues of secrecy and privacy. Discussion will be emphasized, along with lecture and video presentations.
Mr. Ribakoff is a retired lawyer who has practiced 1st amendment law, criminal law and employee benefit law for twenty years. He graduated from Whittier Law School. He was awarded first place at Hofstra Law School in Long Island, New York, where he prepared a hate speech statute “as comprehensive as the first amendment would allow.” Joe would also like our members to know that “it is always a great experience to teach at OLLI.”
Learn how the first amendment of our constitution has been interpreted into our laws. Express your opinions for or against these laws, regarding situations that are occurring daily. You, too, have a voice.