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California State University, Long Beach
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In the Spotlight

by Sylvia Manheim

The fall season started with a bang! Our school enrollment is growing rapidly with every semester. Leisure World classes were well attended as well as Pine Ave. The Jewish Community Center had a class called Guided Autobiography taught by Teri Hershberg, held on Monday evenings. (It repeats in the Spring too!) There was also a class called Brooklyn taught by Len Jacobson, who stated that “every important person in film and theater, came from Brooklyn, including Bernie Sanders.” Even if they weren’t from Brooklyn, OLLI students claimed they were just for the status.
I would like to thank every volunteer who has taught classes, including computer classes. To mention all the names would not leave room for anything else. However, I give a special “Thank You” to three extraordinary people, Con Rader and Jean and David Lowe, early OLLI members without whom we would not have had a functioning computer lab and efficiently running office. Without volunteers, it would be a very difficult task to run OLLI as smoothly as we have.

I have been a member of OLLI for 20 years. Unfortunately, last November, I broke my hip and was not able to attend classes. Though I was not mobile, I wanted to continue my quest for knowledge and attend lectures. A friend told me about a cruise sponsored by Nation Magazine on which one could be served delicious meals and enjoy like-minded individuals, without having to get into an automobile, drive to class, walk up steps, and find a seat. The lectures were as good as the ones I’ve attended at OLLI, and the people were equally engaged and passionate. I was asked to compare the two experiences, and I would say that OLLI has a much wider scope of classes to choose from, but the Nation Cruise had a buffet that was to die for.

A new session begins; take advantage of the new classes listed. Try a new topic or experience. Be well - At this point in life, you can have an extra serving of ice cream.

Happy 'Olliday Celebration

by Karin Covey & Alice Sexton

On Sunday, December 3, OLLI held its 2017
Holiday Open House at the campus Chartroom restaurant that was festively decorated for the season. Members arrived decked out in everything from glittering sequined dresses to potentially contest-winning ugly sweaters and were greeted at the door by Grace Blankenship and Jeanette Gavin.
Barbara White, OLLI Executive Director, served as the ‘OLLI-Day Open House hostess, graciously  welcoming guests and expertly keeping the program moving. Robby Ravenwood and the Fun House Porcupines sang popular holiday songs as they encouraged audience members to sing along. They circulated around the room serenading individual guests and  ending with a conga line. Winding throughout the tables, more and more members joined in the fun.
All that singing and dancing caused party goers to develop some serious thirst and hunger.
Refreshments included something for everyone: salty, sweet, tangy, hot, decadent, crunchy, smooth, and even healthy choices that were  enjoyed by all without a single thought of calorie counting.
A highlight of the afternoon was the
Opportunity Drawing that offered a variety of holiday gifts donated by local businesses and OLLI members. Anita Gonzales and Ami Silverman circulated among the guests, providing tickets for the drawing. Alice Sexton oversaw the drawing, assisted by Carol Motry and Ami Silverman.
Among the winners were Ignacio Ruiz, who went home with the Ugly Sweater; John Donohue, proud winner of the Santa Claus cookie jar; and Jack Upshaw who was all set with a gift certificate from Buono’s Authentic Pizzeria. The final surprise item was a lovely floral centerpiece, created and donated by Vicki O’Toole and won by Judy Glaister who gifted it to Carol Schmoller.
‘OLLI-Day Open House attendees can add this to their memorable holiday celebrations and, by popular demand, can look forward to next year’s event that could possibly include, you guessed it, an Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest.
Many thanks to the 2017 ‘OLLI-Day Open House committee - Grace Blankenship, Karin Covey, Jeanette Gavin, Anita Gonzalez, Carol Motry, Alice Sexton, Ami Silverman, Vicki O’Toole and Barbara White.