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California State University, Long Beach
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James Baldwin
“20th Century Icon”

by Sydelle Pomi

elizHoping to revive an interest in the literary
genius of James Baldwin, Elizabeth Reinhart will be guiding us through his works of fiction, as well as his role as a civil rights activist. Elizabeth has taught for the last two years at OLLI in Leisure World. She has a stunning list of credentials: a B.A. from UC Santa Cruz, M.A. from CSU Los Angeles, as well as a J.D. from the USC Law Center. As a result of having a family that kept records, Elizabeth is able to trace her ancestry to the 12th century and discovered that she comes from a long line of rabbis! Her husband of 27 years is a retired engineer from Fox films.
The class discussions will focus on Baldwin’s essays regarding race, class, and sexual attitudes in the United States. Baldwin left the United States for the south of France and lived there for many years. As a result, the man who once was on the cover of Time magazine faded from popular interest.
Elizabeth has titled her course Why James Baldwin? and who but she can tell us why, as she brings us to understand his vibrant works. The class will include excerpts from The Amen Corner, Native Son, The Dangerous Road Before Martin Luther King, Many Thousand Gone, The Outing, and Sonny’s Blues. It will be an exciting and interesting course.
The class will be taught in Leisure World on Tuesdays, with a limit of 18 students. Sign up and learn more about this icon.james

From the Computer Lab

by Kathy Winkenwerder

We’re filling student requests this term. Over the years many of you have said you wanted to take a class in the computer lab but our schedule and the schedule of the other OLLI classes, which tend to last ninety minutes, overlapped. As a result, students had to choose between a computer class and a lecture class. Well, we’ve fixed that. In many cases, you can now take both. Beginning this term, all classes in the computer lab will be ninety minutes long. This new class length will coordinate with many, but not all, OLLI class schedules.
For you Mac users, Gail Meredith, who taught the Windows Word class last fall, will be teaching Word for the Mac this term. The class will include how to use the popular application’s features to help you create letters, fliers, newsletters, and more.word
Social Media is another requested class now on our schedule. Here’s your chance to find out what your family and friends are up to, as well as to open and maintain your own accounts. Emily Sopo from the LifeFit Center will show you how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
Longtime digital-camera class instructor
Larry Hicks will be teaching the four-week class Basic Photographic Composition. You’ll learn what it takes to create really good photos using your camera, smartphone or tablet.
And finally, Craig Lowe will be teaching Buy and Sell Online, which includes how to use eBay,, and Craigslist. The classes will also cover setting up accounts, as well as using the sites safely.

For more information about these and other
computer classes, check the computer lab schedule.