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California State University, Long Beach
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The Defeat and Death of Napoleon

by Suzanne Walsh

patDo you think of history as boring, dry, or deadly dull? Think again! Sign up for The Defeat and Death of Napoleon, and OLLI instructor Patrick McDonough, will no doubt change your mind!
Although Professor McDonough maintains, “I’m just a fan; that’s all I claim to be,” military history, specifically the story of Napoleon, has been a passion of his for more than 25 years. As a board member of the Napoleonic Historical Society, he has consulted with published experts in the field and personally toured almost every significant battlefield that was involved during the Napoleonic era in Western Europe.
Don’t think that this class will be focused solely on battles. It will also reveal the human story of how Napoleon’s struggles played out over his last years and what the consequences were for him and for France. This class, a continuation of Part 1 that covered Napoleon’s ascendancy (attendance in Part 1 is not required), will begin with a description of what life was like for Napoleon at the height of his power and then examine his character, given the circumstances in which he later found himself . . . how and why his supremacy declined, what happened on St. Helena, and ultimately how he died, along with the related questions surrounding his death.
Professor McDonough insists that this is a class meant for general audiences: enough of the back-story will keep it interesting, and it will be peppered with audio-visual support, including clips from film and YouTube, historic battlefield paintings, and portraits. The class will be about the people and places that led to Napoleon’s decline and the possible causes of his demise.
If you enjoy a compelling story with intrigue, ambition, adversity, humiliation, and much more, consider letting Professor McDonough be your guide.

From the Computer Lab

by Kathy Winkenwerder

For almost a year our students who bought new Windows computers or updated their current computers have had a hard time. While their computers at home used the Windows 10 operating system, the computers in the lab still were running the older
Windows 7.kathy
Now at last, Windows 10 has been installed on the lab computers, so if you sign up for the 8 week Get to Know Windows or 4 week Windows Skills
Review classes, the computers in the lab will look like your computer at home. This should make it easier for you to practice what you learn in all our PC classes. And if you want to know more about the new
Windows operating system, take the 4 week
Windows 10 class. Also, there’s always the Friday open lab where, if you have questions about anything tech related, there will be someone to help you. Come visit and test it out.
New Projection Screen
When you come to class in the computer lab now you’ll see a new screen with a sharper image. For a while we have received comments that students were having a hard time seeing what was projected on the old one, so this should be a big improvement. The new screen was made possible by a generous gift from an OLLI member. Many thanks!
New iPad and other Smart Device Classes
Beginning this term, iPad instruction will be
divided into two classes: Introduction to the iPad and Advanced iPad, a class to let students become more familiar with the apps that come with their devices. Apps Only for Smart Devices, covering iOS and Android device apps, is a more in-depth study of apps that will be selected by the class. Check your schedule for class descriptions, days, and times.