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California State University, Long Beach
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Eastern Practices for Wellness

by Suzanne Walsh

There is a world of medical and healing techniques, based on ancient wisdom, and confirmed by modern scientific studies, that come to us from the Eastern practices of energy medicine, mind-body connections, and various natural and holistic systems. Our modern Western medicine has come to recognize the remarkable value of these practices for the treatment and prevention of disorders and diseases. In addition, these unique approaches to wellness have been shown to improve the quality and length of our lives.
Eastern Practices for Wellness introduces students to various cost-free, easy-to-implement techniques, which are known to improve and maintain robust health while allowing an individual to discover a greater sense of mental calm, inner peace and daily joy. Students will be asked to share their personal experiences and participate actively in various mind-expanding and playful exercises.
Returning as your guide in this exploration of Eastern practices is Annemarie Lovdahl, a former aerospace manager, who holds degrees in psychology, sociology and philosophy from UC Irvine. She is a certified T’ai Chi Chih,
Qigong, and Seijaku instructor and is also a Laughter Yoga Leader and a Reiki Master Teacher. Annemarie embarked on a personal journey of healing when she became aware that modern Western medicine was unable to provide satisfactory resolutions to several physical disorders she was experiencing.
Discovering the keys to her own wellness in the ancient tools of the East, she has become an enthusiastic advocate for the use of complementary and integrative methods to enhance and enrich a person’s health. She has taught in local hospitals, senior centers, and at the Braille Institute with the goal of giving others the means to live more fulfilling, healthier, and happier lives.

Travel Without Luggage

by Ina Levin

Would you like to travel to a destination such as the city that Peter the Great built or to some place teeming with Japanese wildlife? What if you could do this without jet lag, a passport, or boarding an airplane?
Taught by world traveler Jackie Baird-Bunker, who often takes the “road less travelled,” Travel without Luggage is the ideal class for the armchair traveler. Come to this class with the spirit of adventure and
enjoy unique travel experiences. Learn about the Asiatic lion that exists in only one area in the world. See a film featuring Japanese snow monkeys as they enjoy soaking in a hot tub. Find out more about the bleeding-heart baboons in Ethiopia. See juvenile mountain gorillas illustrating the definition of insanity by repeating the same behavior over and over but expecting a different outcome each time.
With an emphasis on wildlife from many of the world’s unique places, Jackie will share her numerous travels with OLLI students. Having shot video in locations around the world, Jackie has created films to show to those who may never get to some of the exotic locations she has visited. This is Jackie’s way to give back to the universe and others.
Each week the class will include a brief background of the history and culture of the various countries presented in Jackie’s
documentary films. After the movies, there will be a time for questions and a guided discussion. She will share travel tips, list travel essentials she always packs, and explain how to get bargains on travel insurance, air fares, and hotels. Class members will be encouraged to share their own travel
Jackie, an adventurous traveler, has a major goal for this class: “By the end of the class I want to leave my
students with the feeling that they have been there.”