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California State University, Long Beach
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Health Science and Cancer

by Thelma Teitel

For Summer 2015, Edgar Moran, M.D., will be teaching two classes for OLLI. In earlier sessions Dr. Moran has led other science-related courses. The two eight-week classes are entitled Health Science–The Structure and Functions of the Human Body and Cancer: Causes, Prevention, Early Detection, and Control.edgar
Dr. Moran has had a rich and distinguished career in medicine. He earned his M.D. in his native Romania. During World War II, he fought in Romania’s underground. After the war, he immigrated to Israel where he specialized in pathology. At the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, he did clinical work, research, and teaching. In 1965, he moved to Canada and then the United States. In New York City, he specialized in internal medicine with a concentration on blood diseases and cancer. When he accepted a position in 1969 with the University of Chicago, his teaching and research concentrations were lymphoma and breast cancer. He was invited in 1976 to establish the first Department of Medical Oncology at the City of Hope in Duarte, California; he was its first director of Medical Oncology. Leaving Duarte for Irvine, he taught at UC Irvine for thirty-six years before being awarded Professor Emeritus status. Dr. Moran has since remained active in clinical work, research, and teaching at the Long Beach V.A. Hospital, where he chaired the Cancer
OLLI is indeed fortunate that someone with Dr. Moran’s credentials volunteers his time to be one of its instructors. His passion and love of teaching facilitate a better understanding of their bodies by those who take his classes.

Keep up with OLLI Events

by Kathy Winkenwerder

Check Out Our New OLLI Facebook Page
Have a Facebook account? After you see what friends and family are doing, take a look at our new page. When you put “OLLI at CSULB” in the search box you’ll see announcements about all kinds of classes, special presentations, meetings, and other events, along with important dates, like registration. And of course you can see pictures. You might even spot yourself in one of them. You can subscribe to coming events posts, comment on the postings, give the page a thumbs up, follow it, and leave a message. It has all the Facebook features you’re used to. Becky Low and Liz Lopez are the official page posters.
Other Ways to Find Out What’s Happening at OLLI
If you haven’t visited lately, you’re in for a happy surprise. The university website has been completely updated with great graphics and improved navigation. To get to our part of it, click on the magnifying glass at the top of the page, put “OLLI” in the search box, and you’ll see material about our classes in our four locations. If you’ve lost your copy of The SUN, take a look at SUN Online, which isn’t only a list of classes, but a source of more information about OLLI.

Our Video Bulletin Board
If you’re walking into our building from the parking lot, look up at the space between the office and the computer lab. The video bulletin board shows notices and dates of upcoming events. There also are two old-fashioned physical bulletin boards nearby, also full of OLLI-related information.

So whether it’s online or in person, you can always keep up with what’s happening at OLLI.