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California State University, Long Beach
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Acting - It’s Showtime!

by Rick Adams
If acting has ever been your dream or even a curiosity, Nancy Hathcock can help you check an item off your Bucket List. What good is it to take an acting class if you don’t act? nancy
Show Time is a participation class that puts on a performance at the end of the term. This class creates an acting troupe that grows together and hones their acting skills. On the first class meeting, they will set the cast and begin blocking (planning physical movement around the stage) for a short play. Future classes work on preparing to “dim the lights and raise the curtain.”
This is not an intimidating group. In fact, you don’t even need to memorize to perform. It is about the experience and having fun as you loosen up and maybe even show off a little. Many of her students initially wanted to act, but got side tracked earning a living in another career. They still have the
opportunity to be thespians. This class provides a non-threatening environment with a friendly and encouraging teacher/director.
Nancy was raised in a theater family. Her father was a graduate of the Pasadena Playhouse. As a child Nancy danced and performed in community theater. At the age of twelve she started a weekly radio program Teenage Tunes & Topics. It ran ten years and saw her through her teen years.
In high school she was in an all-girls singing group that performed all over California. She earned a B.A. and an M.A. in Theater at CSULB! Go Beach! When life’s challenges made theater a tough option, she went to work in the real estate business as a trainer for a national company. She used roll-playing and improvisation to help agents gain confidence and learn how to answer questions.
Be brave, be creative, and find your inner actor!masks

Keys to Clearing Clutter

by Thelma Teitel

Have you ever entered a home and found it so uncluttered that you thought, “Where does this family put all those things that clutter a home?” Maybe you think of drawers filled with things that you’ve just shoved in there. Things that you remembered you still had and didn’t get rid of, closets hung with clothes no longer worn andtere things no longer used with no space for current purchases. Are there newspapers and books lying about . . . some read . . . some unread?
Don’t despair. Tere Sievers’s class on Keys To Cleaning Clutter will change your life. Shebelieves “learning to let go of things you don’t want or need and finding places for everything you own is doable.” She will teach techniques for clearing that clutter and that a clean and well-ordered space can be achieved. Tere feels that it is possible to learn to let go of the things you don’t need or want and find a home for the things you do want. The learning takes place step-by-step so that organized house you’ve always wished for can be achieved.
[Upon completing this article on clutter in the home, I wondered what I would find in my kitchen drawer, where I just shoved things. Well, what to my wondering eyes did appear? No, not eight tiny reindeer but four garden clippers (of all sizes). Do I need four? Menus, for restaurants that no longer exist. An old tube of glue, a class schedule for Yoga for January 2008, an empty medicine bottle, old batteries,
extension cords, three tape measures, etc. I got rid of the extra and the old.
I put needed articles in better places. I hope to keep at least that drawer now in uncluttered mode.]