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California State University, Long Beach
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President's Corner

OLLI’s Fall term was once again a big success! Many of us learned more about Shakespeare and had a nostalgic trip to Brooklyn. (For those of you in the class, the New York Times marked January 4th as the day the elephant at Coney Island was euthanized. I was a bit upset to have that image return!) We continue to grow, both in enrollment and in the number/variety of courses. OLLI classes are led by extremely knowledgeable and talented instructors, and members are active participants. As someone involved in a number of organizations relying on volunteers, I am struck by the willingness - even enthusiasm - of our teachers and other volunteers to serve OLLI.
And it is the volunteers I salute in this column. Our Member Services Working Group no longer has “interim” leadership, Patti Worsham has taken on this major challenge. The travel program, spearheaded by Vicki O’Toole, is more than popular, with their team selecting sites that many of us have on our “must do” lists.
The Education Working Group, led by Pat Wrenn and Karen McDonough, develops OLLI’s program. As part of its mission, it created a “New Instructor” manual and orientation. This Group has the challenge of scheduling classes, with various starting dates, within the constraints of our space. One look at any of the four schedules in the year shows the group’s hard work.
You can see the work of the Communications Working Group in each issue of The SUN. It is a professional, informative, and inviting piece of work and reflects well on
OLLI @ CSULB. Rick Adams leads the Group members in putting out a publication that enhances our understanding of OLLI, as well as giving us the essential class registration information.
The Technology Working Group tries to keep us up-to-date and tech saavy under direction of Kathy WInkenwerder and Wesley Peck. They update the Lab and the classroom AV equipment as needed (Carl Curtis is definitely a member!)
Finally, our Governance Working Group, led by Vice President Len Jacobson, attends to the business of OLLI. As we move forward, we discover the need to revise our by-laws, check on how well we’ve done with our Strategic Plan, and work on a new five-year plan.
We have other volunteers, as well - the people who walk (sometimes run) around classes with the microphone, regular office volunteers (Karin Covey, Grace Blankenship, Georgiana Fox, Judie Irving and Diane Kalfus), and the members of the Executive and Governing Councils. Without them all, OLLI at CSULB would be far less successful.
I thank them!


From the Executive Director

By Dr. Barbara White

Spring each year brings renewal, and for our OLLI, the spring of alternate years brings our biennial member survey. This is a time to renew and update our demographic information and refresh and enhance our services to members. As in 2016, you will be able to complete the survey online or on
paper if necessary. These surveys give us broad demographic information about our members and also help us ascertain some of our specific needs and desires, and plan future
directions for our institute. The survey should take no more than five-to-seven minutes to complete. Please join us by sharing your thoughts! We will use the results of this survey as part of the process to set our strategic goals for the next three-to-five years. We’ll notify you when the survey form is available!
In our 2016 survey, members expressed an interest in volunteer activities. In response, in May 2017, we held our first annual Volunteer Fair. We will hold our second Volunteer Fair this spring, and invite organizations, from within and outside the university, to join us and show you how your volunteer involvement will help. Keep your eyes open for the specific day and time!
This year the Governing Council has approved several students/faculty to offer OLLI members the opportunity to participate in research or projects related to the field of aging. Being involved in such activities is part of the excitement of taking classes on a university campus. We have also been asked to participate in discussions on topics in a course offered by the Gerontology Program. The topic is, “Women and Aging: Lessons from the Golden Girls.” Please volunteer to share your insights with these college students by contacting Dr. Maria Claver. Contact information is on the bulletin board and in the OLLI office.