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Editor's Comments


What is YOUR legacy?
OLLI member and Tai Chi Chih instructor Al Talberg passed away on February 25 (see OLLI Farewells on page 14) two months short of his 90th birthday.? His “Al-isms” leave a legacy of wit and wisdom that his son shared with us. I have stolen them from the obituary to highlight here. I have nothing to add except an admonishment to heed Al’s wisdom!

* If you’re going to speak about people, speak positively about them. Except for politicians. Most of them are incompetent. * There’s more to life than work. Don’t work too hard. Don’t brag about how hard you work. Work. And then enjoy your time with family and friends. * Tell people you love them. * Tell people you’re proud of them. * Stay active. * Listening is way more interesting than talking. * Trust the scientific method, logical thinking, and people smarter than you.?Science and engineering have been responsible for most of humanity’s advances. * Don’t do your own taxes. * Have a drink every night. Or two, but not three. * You’re never too old to learn.
* How much money someone has is absolutely no indication of their worth as a human being. * Racism and bigotry are always wrong. * Never trust a zealot. * Let people help you. * Work so that you can pay other people to do what they do well. Consequently, don’t feel bad if you can’t fix a toilet, or a radiator, or a fence. You work, in part, so that a plumber, a mechanic, and a carpenter can work, too. Our economy works best when we all concentrate on what we do best.
* People are imperfect, and organizations are made up of people;
therefore organizations are imperfect. Beware of groups––especially religious, political, and educational––that seem to have all the answers. No one has all the answers. * Sometimes, there are no words. Just hold the people you love closely. * Don’t retire. Change your focus. * Go for it. You can’t do life wrong. But you can probably do it better.
Thank you Al, for the legacy.

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