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California State University, Long Beach
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Editor's Comments


     My new mantra is “Life is good. People are basically good. I like people. People like me.” Because we can learn so much from other people, this mantra comforts and encourages me to be more interactive. Each new friend is a once-in-a-lifetime gift we can give ourselves. We enjoy them even when we are far apart or have not been in contact for some time.
      OLLI gives us many opportunities to meet new people and start wonderful friendships. It is also an opportunity to bring life-long learning to our current friends. When I share the OLLI schedule of classes with friends, I’m pleased at the response I get. They are amazed at how much it offers and are delighted that there is no homework, no grading. OLLI is all about making life better and extending our learning. It IS good enough for your friends. Pick up an extra catalogue in the OLLI office and share it with a friend.
      To those who have not tried OLLI . . . give it a chance. I believe you’ll like it, learn exciting things, and make new friends in the adventure. Who knows, the new person you get to know might be YOU!

Sun Staff


  • Richard Adams

Associate Editor

  • vacant

Copy Editors

  • Tina Bowman
  • Elizabeth Reinhart
  • Eileen Ringerman
  • Sallie Rodman


  • Arthur Gottlieb
  • Rosalind Hertz
  • Kathy Winkenwerder
  • Sylvia Manheim
  • Thelma Teitel
  • Barbara Butler
  • Susan Pack
  • Judy Granger
  • Suzanne Walsh
  • Sydelle Pomi


  • Richard Adams

Graphics - Cartoonists

  • Harold Drab
  • Phil Garcia


  • Rebecca Low


OLLI Governing Council
Name Position
Dr. Barbara White Executive Director
William Fitzpatrick President
Naida Tushnet Vice President
Karin Covey Treasurer
Vicki O'Toole Secretary

Wes Peck
Kathy Winkenwerder

Technology Working Group
vacant Membership Services Working Group

Pat Wrenn

Karen McDonough

Educational Group

Rick Adams

Communications Group

Michael Gavin Member-at-Large
Les Jacobson Member-at-Large
Malcolm Green President Emeritus

OLLI Advisory Board

  • Donald Brault
  • Dixie Grimmett
  • Kit Katz
  • Donald Lauda
  • Rosemary Lewallen
  • Dr. Susan Mathieu
  • Theresa Marino