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California State University, Long Beach
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Editor's Comments


Have you got the time? How many times have you heard a retiree proclaim, “In six months I’ll be all caught up on my projects and probably be bored?” I have heard it and thought it. But now I understand the reality! There is plenty to do in life, even (especially?) after a career. We see it - and depend on it - at every level of OLLI.
Without volunteers OLLI would struggle or perhaps not even be possible. Volunteers teach classes on topics near and dear to their hearts. Their passion drives them to share, and it edifies and inspires those who (voluntarily) attend the classes. Elected volunteers serve on the Governing Council that gives OLLI direction and growth. Volunteer writers and editors make The SUN happen each quarter.
Our Executive Director Barbara White is encouraging class members to rideshare, especially to help disabled or age-challenged members get to OLLI. Please offer to pick them up at home and drop them off at the OLLI front door before you park.
Pat Wrenn, who co-chairs our Education group, knows that I ride a motorcycle with the Patriot Guard Riders to honor veterans at memorial services and awards ceremonies. She told me that her husband recently benefitted from the Honor Flight. This is a group of volunteers who organize free trips to Washington, D.C., to take older veterans to see the war memorials in the nation’s capital. Pat wrote me, “You might be interested in this volunteer opportunity.” I replied, “I was there with the Patriot Guard Riders last Sunday at LAX when your husband arrived. We created a tunnel of flags for them to go through as they went to join their families. It is an honor to honor those who served our nation in the armed forces.”
Pat suggested that I mention this since many OLLI members are veterans and might not know about this amazing annual event. (I am happy to do so.) YES, if you are a veteran or know one, look into the Honor Flight and see if you can get on their list.
Remember, “It ain’t over until it is over.” Find the passion in life and make it part of your plans. Find the fun things to do, and keep your mind going and growing.

The Sun Staff


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OLLI Governing Council
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