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California State University, Long Beach
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Editor's Comments


“Learn from other peoples’ experiences. There is not enough time to make all the mistakes yourself!”

I’m writing this just after New Year’s and reflecting on a mistake I made in November. I was remodeling my wood shop and getting it organized with more electrical outlets and smooth drywall. When I get done, my major power tools will each have a dedicated station where I can walk up, turn on the tool, and complete a task. I will no longer be moving my scroll saw to get to my band saw. It will be very convenient and conducive to tackling projects. Tools and spare parts are taking up residence in large plastic tubs labeled for the contents: electrical, plumbing, brushes, masonry etc.

That’s the good news. The not so good news is that when using my table saw I ignored the safety rules that kept me alive and intact the past 70 years. I was holding a short board to cut out a notch. The saw caught the wood and pulled it into the blade along with my finger. I did a poor job cutting the wood, and a more than sufficient job of mangling my finger.

Twenty hours later, the surgeon got his turn to show his craft. Saving the finger was beyond his options so he amputated it leaving me only the first joint. I will live, but adapting is a series of learning experiences. My right ring finger had the duty of pressing the 9, O, L and “.” keys on my computer keyboard. My middle finger is learning to find those keys. Chopsticks proved to be a new challenge. I have not yet picked up my guitar, but anticipate a coming love affair with the already-recommended pick. I have learned the importance of safety rules (They are not “suggestions.”). I will be learning new ways to do old things.

And so it goes at OLLI. We are never too learned or too old to pick up more knowledge or a new talent. There are about 70 opportunities in this issue of The SUN. Turn these pages carefully to avoid paper cuts, and find a class that will help keep your mind performing and make life a little more exciting. Live long and prosper . . . I hope with all your fingers!

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