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California State University, Long Beach
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French Conversation

by Roz Hertz

Parlez-vous français? If you answer “Oui, je parle français” (Yes, I speak malcolmFrench), then this course is for you. Malcolm Green, OLLI president for the past four years, will be teaching Conversational French. This class is intended for students who have some knowledge of French and are interested in advancing their conversational skills to the point where they feel comfortable with the language. Malcolm will start the class by speaking half in English and half in French. By the conclusion of the class, he will speak only French.
Malcolm worked in the aerospace industry for thirty years. During that time, he lived in New York, Washington D.C., France and Singapore. While living in Europe, he worked on aerospace technology for the European Airbus and European defense cooperative projects. He and his family lived in Paris, France, and their daughters attended local French schools.
Everyone will be able to partake in speaking French, as there will be questions from the instructor followed by individual answers. The class will hear popular music in French. They will also see short French TV shows that include travelogues and some cartoons. If you have traveled to a foreign country, you remember the necessity of asking pertinent questions. Knowing the right words helps you ask for and understand directions and order meals using the language spoken in that country. This will be covered and much more. Discussions will include
highlights of French culture and history. Malcolm will also discuss how French culture differs from that of other European countries, particularly Italy and Spain.
Whether you are preparing to travel and speak French or you just want to excel in the language, be prepared to enjoy this class.
Au revoir, mes amis.


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