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California State University, Long Beach
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OLLI Classes Winter 2019

    January 4 - February 28

WINTER CLASSES - printable

Monday Classes - No class Jan. 21

Stand Tall, Stand Strong - Day 1
This is an active class, which integrates stretching, coordination, stability, and strengthening exercises. Wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear. You may bring your own resistance bands. Please bring water. Meets twice weekly.
Class limit: 30
Instructor: Lorraine Goldman, MPT, Certified Exercise Expert
Mondays, Jan. 7 – Feb. 25 &
Wednesdays Jan. 9 - Feb. 27
8:30 - 9:50 AM
LifeFit Center, room 110B

Bridge 1
For new players and those who played previously - play bridge the modern way. Topics: intro to bridge, open a major - a minor, no trump, stayman, transfers, opening leads, attitude, carding, 2 over 1, and NT
Instructor: Sharon Biederman

Bridge 2
Expand on what you learned in Bridge 1. Topics: overcalls, takeout doubles, negative doubles, competitive bidding, defensive leads and carding, preempts, 2 opening club bids, and slams.
Instructor: Hank Dunbar

Bridge 3
Expand on Bridge 1 and 2. Sharpen bridge playing skills by learning new conventions such as new minor forcing, 4th suit forcing, cue bid limit raise, help suit game tries, Jacoby 2 NT, Michaels and more.
Instructor: Dalia Hernandez

Bridge: Defense
Know the basics of playing? Sharpen skills at defending the game. Topics: opening leads against suit or NT contracts, third-hand play, defensive signals and tricks. Classes limited to 50
Instructor: Rob Preece
Mondays, Jan. 7 - Feb. 25
All- 9:30 - 11:30 AM
All- at LB Bridge Center

Spanish for Travelers
If you are traveling to Latin America or Spain and you want to communicate effectively with locals, then this course is for you. You will learn greetings, phrases, vocabulary and dialogues used in most common situations. Feel confident when introducing yourself, asking for directions, arranging to meet, taking a taxi, shopping, booking a hotel or ordering at a restaurant. Class limit: 25
Instructor: Judith Porto González
Mondays, Jan. 7 - Feb. 25
8:30 - 9:45 AM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Wrestling with Faith
Some contend there is an unbridgeable divide between reason and faith. This course will demonstrate that reason and faith are not mutually exclusive. Religion not only tolerates critical thinking and reasoned debate, but demands that that we approach our religion with an inquiring mind. Class limit: 98
Instructor: Rabbi Abba Perelmuter, ordained Rabbi in 1979, postgraduate studies in Brooklyn, NY
Mondays, Jan. 7 - Feb. 18 (6 wks)
10:00 – 11:30 AM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Longevity Stick @ Pine Ave
This class promotes physical fitness,increased energy, and mental relaxation. It involves gentle motions, stimulates blood circulation, increases flexibility, aids balance and coordination, is easy to learn, and is fun! Bring a 1-inch dowel, 1-2 inches longer than your height with rubber end caps.Athletic shoes and layered clothing. Class limit:15
Instructor: Camilla Marie Gartland
Mondays, Jan. 7 - Feb. 25
10:00 – 11:30 AM
Park Pacific Tower, 714 Pacific Ave.

Law Enforcement: Where Law, Science and the Street Meet!
With law enforcement in the news on a continual basis, wouldn’t you like to know from whence we came and how did we arrive at where we are today? This course will present a historical view of law, law enforcement, how  police departments came to be, when we began to study crime, and how we respond and address the issues of crime today. Learn about changes in the approaches by law enforcement groups; homicides, white-collar crime, human trafficking, gangs, and drugs. Guest speakers will  discuss new tools that are being used to bring perpetrators to justice. Class limit: 26
Instructor: Julio Nunez, BS Crim.; MPA Public Admin emphasis Crim Justice USC; 26 years law enforcement; 16 years fraud investigator
Mondays, Jan. 7 - Feb. 25
10:00 – 11:30 AM
Pine Ave, Suite 202

Ukulele For All Levels
Learn to play with no prior musical
training or learn to enhance what you already know! Be amazed at what you can do! Bring your uke and your music stand and plan to have a lot of fun. Class limit: 30
Instructor: Mike Young
Mondays, Jan. 7 - Feb. 25
11:45 AM – 1:15 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Playing Modern Board Games (Beg.)
Want to keep your mind active and sharp while having fun? Then you are the perfect candidate to be a board gamer. This class will teach and let you play modern board games with other members in the class. We will learn “gateway” games (games which are easy to learn and play in a short amount of time) and put our skills to the test as we play against each other. We are in the Golden Age of Board Games. Take your seat at the table and enjoy a relaxing, stimulating, and friendly day of gaming. You need to commit to all 7 sessions of this class. Class limit: 8
Instructor: Gary Page
Mondays, Jan. 7- Feb. 25
1:00-3:00 PM
Pine Ave., suite 202

Traveling through California’s Marine ProtectedAreas
Take a tour of California’s underwater National Parks. From daring cliffs and rich kelp forests to picturesque sandy shores, Marine Protected Areas preserve an underwater wilderness. Discover the history and marine life found along our coast with this six-week course. Class limit: 98
Instructor: Cassandra Davis, MSc., Education Volunteer Coordinator Aquarium of the Pacific
Mondays, Jan. 7- Feb. 18 (6 weeks)
1:30-3:00 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Guided Autobiography I
Recall and record the significant moments of your past through the process of Guided Autobiography. Through this interactive class experience, you will learn the tools for writing your own life story. The first session is a 90 min. orientation about the structure, expectations, and student commitments to the class. The next 4 sessions will be 2 hours long. You will write your own story on a new topic each week. The group will share stories and receive positive feedback with assured confidentiality. No need to be a talented writer, just tell your own story. Questions? Contact Teri at 562-637-7175 for location/parking details. Class limit: 8
Instructor: Teri Hershberg, Certified GAB Instructor
Mondays, Jan. 7,14,28 & Feb. 4,11  (5 weeks)
Jan. 7: 2:30 – 4:00 PM
Jan. 14 – Feb. 11: 2:30 – 4:30 PM
JCC, room 27

Short Stories    ON HOLD - to be relocated
Join us to read and discuss a new selection of impressive short stories. The short story is sometimes an under-appreciated art form. The characters must be established quickly and efficiently. The author must create tone, voice, style, atmosphere, point of view, and communicate an aspect of our human condition. Let us see if the short stories we read meet the criteria. Class limit: 15 
Instructor: Dale Lieberfarb, M.A.
Mondays, Jan. 7 - Feb. 25
2:30 – 4:00 PM
LW, Clubhouse 3, room 4

Introduction: World of Shamans
Come and learn what our ancestors knew. In this experiential class the students will learn how to journey into non-ordinary reality. They will experience a shamanic journey and learn how our ancestors accessed knowledge about the world around them. Shamans journey to receive information, inspiration, healing, and knowledge. This course will introduce the students to spirit helpers and other worlds. Students will learn how to fly on their own “magic” carpet. Class limit: 30
Instructor: Mushroom Montoya, graduate of Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Mondays, Jan. 7- Feb. 25
3:00 – 4:30 PM
CSULB, LifeFit Center, KIN 107

Play the Recorder
Learn to play the recorder and discover the pleasures of creating music. The recorder is an early instrument popular during Medieval and Renaissance time and currently is gaining new popularity. Please, bring your own recorder and be ready to have fun and practice! Class limit: 25
Instructor: Muriel Pendleton
Mondays, Jan. 7- Feb. 25
3:15 – 4:45 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Guided Autobiography I
See description for GAB I on Monday afternoon at the JCC. Class limit:8
Instructor: Teri Hershberg, Certified GAB Instructor
Mondays, Jan. 7, 14,28 & Feb. 4,11 (5 weeks)
6:00 – 8:00 PM
JCC, room 27


Tuesday Classes

A Global Update, Part II
This class will focus on the ongoing challenges between the four global giants – United States, China, Russia, and India. It will cover the efforts of both China and Russia to expand their already large empires. We will include discussion on: India, Indonesia, and Indian Ocean; The Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Israel; Europe, NATO, and Putin’s objectives; China, Japan and North Pacific Ocean; Implications of climate change; US trade wars; Tax Law and US debt; Growing US income inequity challenge; and US global economic leadership. Class limit: 98
Instructor: Dick Lunde
Tuesdays, Jan. 8 - Feb. 26
8:30 – 10:00 AM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Longevity Stick Movements - ON HOLD To be determined
Purpose: Low impact, non-aerobic exercise to prevent disease, protect health, and increase concentration. Do nothing that hurts or is uncomfortable.
Objectives: better balance, increase physical strength by stretching muscles, tendons, and supplying greater amount of oxygen to body through deep breathing.
Equipment: Bring wood or collapsible painter’s extension pole inches longer than your height, with rubber (not plastic) end caps (available at any home improvement store). Tennis or athletic shoes, loose clothing recommended. Additional information at OLLI office. Class limit: 25
Instructor: Charles Wm. Taylor
Tuesdays, Jan. 8 - Feb. 26
8:30 – 9:30 AM
CSULB, LifeFit Center, KIN 110 B

Harmonica Workshop -- Beginning
Whether you’re a complete beginner, have limited experience, or just curious about the harmonica, this workshop is for you. Instruction will focus on straight-harp and cross-harp techniques assisted by YouTube videos and a digital workbook. Music styles include: Classics, Standards, Hymns, Folk, Rock, Blues and Country Western. Advancement will require practice outside of class. Bring your C Major Diatonic Harmonica and breathe new musical air into your life! Class limit 20
Facilitators: Jim Worsham and Marc Davidson
Tuesdays, Jan. 8 - Feb. 26
8:45-10:15 AM
CSULB, HS&D, room 119

Buy, Cook, Eat Sustainable Food
You will view 11 cooking shows demonstrating an easy way to maintain a healthy kitchen for you and the environment. Learn how to talk to farmers’ market vendors so you can buy fresh, sustainably grown produce. In the kitchen we will learn how to clean, store and prepare nutrient-rich produce. View the 15-minute cooking shows each week at home on You-Tube (assistance offered). In class we will prepare one-two recipes from the cooking show while discussing the information. $25 fee for classroom materials. Class limit: 18
Instructor: Libby Gustin, MBA, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Hospitality Mgmt, FCS
Tuesdays, Feb. 12, 19, 26 (3 weeks)
9:30 -11:30 AM
CSULB, Dept of Family and Consumer Sciences, Kitchen Lab
Park in lot G3

I am REALLY Upset and, of course, YOU are Responsible!
This interactive workshop will allow you to explore the fallacies behind this thought we have when we encounter difficult situations, and difficult people. Using principles of non-violent conflict resolution, cognitive-behavior therapy, cognitive-interpersonal therapy, and rational-emotive therapy, you will be given a series of tools to use when encountering situations that are frustrating or problematic to you. Dealing effectively with people who chronically complain, who are constantly critical, who are demanding and self-centered, and who refuse to listen IS possible when you are able to look at these situations in a new perspective. Class limit: 98
Instructor: Susan Rice, DSW, Prof Emerita, CSULB Social Work
Tuesdays, Jan. 8 -Feb. 12 (6 weeks)
10:15-11:45 AM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Harmonica Workshop – Intermediate
For players who have completed at least one term of Harmonica Workshop, this class offers further instruction and practice on Diatonic Harmonicas with emphasis on Cross-Harp techniques, improvisation, 12-Bar Blues chord structure, and music theory. Activities include video instruction, group playing, and playing along with recorded backing-tracks. The class will also include opportunities to perform with other musicians in live settings. Simultaneous enrollment in the “Jammin’ at OLLI” class is recommended but not required. Class limit: 22
Facilitators: Jim Worsham and Marc Davidson.
Tuesdays, Jan. 8 - Feb. 26
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 119

Jammin’ at OLLI
We are a group of instrumentalists and vocalists, beginner to experienced, looking to make music and have fun. Playing together, our individual skills, tips, and experiences help us to develop our instruments, and play along with and accompany others. Basic song sheets with chords of many of your favorite folk, blues, country and pop tunes are provided. Actual scored sheet music is not. The jam class is built around the guitar and ukulele; but the diversity of other instruments, such as acoustical bass, banjo, harmonica, and keyboards are welcomed. Class limit: 40
Instructor Carol Baker
Tuesdays, Jan. 8 - Feb. 26
12:00–1:30 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

A Play Reading Circle
Experience drama first-hand! Join this class to read plays from various historical periods. Learn about playwrights,the times in which they lived and the significance and value of each play. Class limit: 20
Instructor: Muriel Pendleton
Tuesdays, Jan. 8 - Feb 26
12:15 – 1:45 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 119

To Know the Ocean is to Love the Ocean
We will take a fascinating trip through the chemical, physical, and biological properties of the ocean. What makes the ocean tick? How do we influence the ocean as a whole, and how does the ocean influence our lives? Our goal is to develop an appreciation of the ocean. Class limit: 30
Instructor: Mike Stone
Tuesdays, Jan. 8 - Feb. 26
1:00–3:00 PM
Pine Ave., Suite 202

Basic Kumihimo – Japanese Disk Braiding - Moved to Wed.
Learn this ancient weaving form that dates back to the Samurai era. It is simple and fun. Learn how to create cording that can be used as necklaces, bracelets, keychains, dog leashes, etc. Explore a variety of materials - complete a simple Kumihimo Round Braid. Warning: this can be addictive! There is a $20.00 materials fee for supplies to be collected at first class. Class limit: 10
Instructors: Debra Zimmerman and Claire Beekman
MOVED  - Wednesdays
9:00 – 10:30 PM
CSULB,  HSD  - 105

Mindfulness -  Group Practice & Support
This group is Not an introductory class but is for those who have some experience with mindfulness practice, a meditation which “focuses attention on purpose, non-judgmentally, in the present moment,” as developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. We will practice both guided and self-guided meditations from 5 to 20 minutes, in addition to some mindful movements. The practice also focuses on acceptance, compassion, and loving-kindness in the here-and-now. Research shows mindfulness reduces stress and increases peace of mind when practiced consistently over time. Class limit: 16
Instructor: Cynthia Bonnycastle, MA, LMFT
Tuesdays, Jan. 8 - Feb. 12 (6 weeks)
1:45 – 3:15 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Preventing Heart Disease & Cancer
Everyone in the USA would like to enjoy a long life of quality health, but it is elusive for many people especially after they reach age fifty. Learn to identify the major causes of poor health and discover how present health statistics compare with people 100 years ago, and with other countries. Understand how our bodies work and how diet & lifestyle can either promote or eliminate degenerative diseases. Understand which foods promote excellent health and how to develop a health oriented diet so your risk of heart disease and cancer drop dramatically. Class limit: 98
Instructor: Wendell Covalt,
MBA Cert. Instr. Food Over Medicine, Princess Cruises health Instr
Tuesdays, Feb. 19 & 26 (2 weeks)
1:45 – 3:15 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Reiki I Energy Healing
This Japanese relaxation technique, is all about self-healing. Learn how to direct this energy to heal long standing physical, mental and emotional issues. Learn about the Reiki Meditation, the chakra system, breathing techniques, connection of the emotional mind to disease, the importance of developing a strong self-care program, and more. Wear comfortable clothing. The curriculum book, The Beauty of Reiki ($14.99), is available on A few books for classroom use will be provided. Class limit: 20
Instructor: Patty Tahara Rassouli, Reiki Master Teacher
Tuesdays, Jan. 8 - Feb 26
2:00 - 3:30 PM
CSULB, LifeFit Center, room 107

Acting with Alice   - MOVED to LFC
Develop your creativity! Gain poise and confidence in front of an audience! Participation in improvisation, monologues, and scene study will heighten your imagination and sharpen your sense of observation. If you’ve ever wondered how actors learn their craft, this course is for you. There is no memorization required. Class limit: 16
Instructor: Alice Lemon, M.A., Drama and Theatre
2:00 - 3:30 PM
CSULB, LifeFit Center, room 107

Writing Creative Non-Fiction
Do you have a personal story you’re burning to tell? Do you want to see your story in print? Then this class is for you. The focus is on creative non-fiction, whether personal first person stories, persuasive op-ed letters, articles or family histories. Stories are read in class for sharing, editing and critiquing. For those wishing to publish, markets are suggested. Sallie has a Certificate in Prof. Writing from CSULB and published stories in 50 Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies. Class limit: 20
Instructor: Sallie Rodman
Tuesdays, Jan. 8 – Feb. 26
3:15 - 4:45 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 119

U. S. Naval Operations in the Pacific—Part 1
Are you interested in an overview of the World War II in the Pacific Theater from a U.S. Navy point of view? In the first part, we will explore the origins of the Pacific war and Japanese and American strategy. The attack on Pearl Harbor will be explained in the context of Japanese strategies. Future sessions will review initial Japanese moves and American (and Allied) responses, the Doolittle Raid, Coral Sea and Midway, the struggle for Guadalcanal, and the isolation of Rabaul. Throughout the sessions we will touch on cultural, doctrinal and technical differences between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the U.S. Navy and how these differences impacted the conduct of the war. Class limit: 98
Instructor: Paul Killins, B.S. Eng.Design; M.B.A. Tech. Mgmt; former naval officer
Tuesdays, Jan. 8 - Feb. 26
3:30 – 5:00 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Travel Without Luggage  - MOVED to Fridays
Come travel the world from the comfort and convenience of the OLLI classroom. No risk of losing your passport, no long lines at the airport, no long flights or jet-lag. Each week we will travel to a different part of the world; watch juvenile mountain gorillas play under the watchful eye of a Silverback gorilla; look down on the Great Wildebeast Migration between Tanzania and Kenya from a hot air balloon; see the underground tunnel that saved the people of Sarajevo during the siege of that city by Serbs; track tigers in the early morning hours from the back of an elephant. These are just a few of the adventures we will enjoy during this armchair travel program. Class limit: 85
Instructor: Jackie Baird-Bunker, local filmmaker
12:00 –1:30 PM
CSULB, Engineering C S , room 105


Wednesday Classes

Stand Tall, Stand Strong - Day 2
Second day of this class. (See Monday) Class limit: 30
Instructor: Lorraine Goldman
Wednesdays, Jan. 9 - Feb. 27
8:30 - 9:50 AM
LifeFit Center, room 110B

Bridge: Card Play
For Advanced and Intermediate players. Topics rotate each session. Handouts from Eddie Kantar books. Placing opponent’s honors, deception in declarers play.
Instructors: Steve Ramos

Bridge: Play of the Hand
For those who already know the basics of playing bridge--sharpen your skills at playing hands as declarer. Make a plan, watch for entries, manage a trump suit, put it together. All classes limited to 50
Instructor: Rob Preece
Wednesdays, Jan. 9 - Feb. 27
Both: 9:30 – 11:30 AM
Both: LB Bridge Center

Guided Autobiography I
Recall and record the significant moments of your past. Through this interactive class experience, you will learn the tools for writing your own life story. The first session is a 90 minute orientation and student commitments to the class. The next 4 sessions will be 2 hours long. You will write your own story on a new topic each week. The group will share all stories and receive positive feedback with assured confidentiality. No need to be a talented writer, just tell your own story. Questions ?
Contact Teri at 562-637-7175 Class limit: 8
Instructor: Teri Hershberg,  Certified GAB Instructor
Wednesdays, Jan. 9 - Feb. 6   (5 weeks)
Jan. 9: 10:00 - 11:30 AM Orientation
Jan. 16 – Feb. 6: 10:00 - 12:00
Pine Ave, suite 202

Seminar in American Theatre History II: from W.W. I to 1960
We have come to an era with which many of us are familiar. Works produced include those by playwrights Eugene O’Neill, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, and the incomparable creative team of Rogers & Hammerstein, etc. We’ll also look at: the first Actors’ Strike, the triumph of Broadway,and more. This era is so vibrant and rich that it is one of the most compelling in Western civilization. *Our class meets 10:15 to 11:45 on Wednesdays. However, I’ll announce in class an optional early start on some of the days at 9:00 AM. This allows us to have enough time to view plays /musicals and still have time for class discussion. It’s not necessary to have taken Part I in order to enjoy this course. Class limit: 98
Instructor: Patrick McDonough, Ph.D., Prof. of Theatre Emeritus, CSULB
Wednesdays, Jan. 9 - Feb. 27
10:15-11:45 AM plus
9:00-10:00 AM as determined.
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Relationship Rules, Redux
We begin life in a state of total dependence, and we attain increasing amounts of independence as we progress through developmental stages into adulthood. Our education about how to relate to others, what to make of how others are relating to us, and what to expect in and from relationships begins early on in life and influences our beliefs about relationships. Research indicates that we are emotionally and physically healthier when we maintain meaningful and fulfilling connection with others in ongoing relationships. Developing and sustaining enhancing relationships or mending a rift in an existing relationship presents a personal challenge that is well worth accepting. This class examines early life influences that impact adult relationships, and presents a series of “rules” to enhance the quality of ongoing social and familial ties. We will consider the value of these rules, discuss the potential impact of applying them in our connections with others, and practice communication techniques to enhance the quality of our relationships. Class limit: 48
Instructor: Herb Glazeroff, Ph.D., clinical psychologist
Wednesdays, Jan. 9 - Feb. 27
12:00-1:30 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Watercolor - Beginners -   NEW LOCATION and Time
Lecture and demonstration of fundamental watercolor concepts such as: brush techniques and color theory. Instruction will include individual hands-on instruction. Supply list available at the first class.
Class limit: 22
Watercolor - Advanced -   NEW LOCATION and Time
Designed for intermediate students to work independently. Peers and leader will offer advice and critiques. Class limit: 15
Instructor: Ladd Terry
Wednesdays, Jan. 9 - Feb. 27
10:00 – 12:30 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 105

Five Stories—Five Weeks
Did you over-do it during the holidays? Consider having something nourishing, fulfilling and zero calories… Our Short Story class will feed your mind, and is guaranteed to boost your energy! Class limit: 18
Instructor: Mona Panitz
Wednesdays, Jan. 9 - 30 (4 wks)
1:30–3:00 PM
Pine Ave., Suite 202

Folk Guitar II: Beyond Strumming
Ready to move on to the next level? Looking for other musicians to jam with, enjoy sing-alongs with? Instruction is chord-based and song-based, and designed with Advanced Beginners to Intermediates in mind. You’ll be introduced to Finger Style Techniques, as well as Tablature, Alternating Bass, Bass Runs and Barre Chords. Class limit: 20
Instructor: Richard Harris
Wednesdays, Jan. 9 - Feb. 27
1:45 - 3:15 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

History of Ancient Greece and Rome
History flows like a river. It’s not a smooth and peaceful river, but one in which rapids form frequently. The history of our western culture began in Mesopotamia and Egypt, but defined itself in Greece and expanded throughout all of Western Europe on the spear point of the Roman legions. Everything we know of science began in Greece. Democratic experimentation had its origins in Greece. Western Philosophy had its birth in Greece. Oratory and theatre first took place in Greece. The two city-states of Greece, Athens and Sparta, made war on each other and opened the door to their own destruction first by Macedonia and then by Rome. Rome ended Greek hegemony violently in 145 BCE. In the end, Rome did not have the resources or the will to defend against Germanic barbarians; and the empire ended in 476 AD. For 1,200 years, Greece and then Rome were the center of the Western World. Join me for the History of Ancient Greece and Rome. It is the story of our Western Culture. Class limit: 98
Instructor: Jerome Stoll, BA Psych CSUF, Retired Licensed Psych Technician, Mental Health Worker.
Wednesdays, Jan. 9 - Feb. 27
3:30–5:00 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101


Thursday Classes

A Novel Approach to Memoir Writing
You’ve always said you had stories to write. If not now, when? Former
students have included a kamikaze pilot, the inventor of “rice crispy” ice cream, the owner of a liquor store and a long-haul trucker. Students read stories they have written at home and receive gentle, constructive comments and feedback designed to encourage all writers including those for whom English is a second language. Class limit: 50
Instructors: Josephine Fitzpatrick & Pam Kiwerski
Thursdays, Jan. 10 - Feb. 28
8:30 – 10:00 AM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Longevity Stick Movements - CANCELLED
Purpose: Low impact, non-aerobic exercise to prevent disease, protect health, and increase concentration. Do nothing that hurts or is uncomfortable.
Objectives: better balance, increase physical strength by stretching
muscles, tendons, and supplying greater amount of oxygen to body through deep breathing.
Equipment: Bring collapsible painter’s extension pole that opens longer than your height, with rubber (not plastic) end caps. Athletic shoes, loose and layered clothing recommended. Additional information at OLLI office. Class limit: 30
Leader: Charles Wm. Taylor
Thursdays, Jan. 10 - Feb. 28
8:30 – 9:30 AM
LW, Clubhouse 6, room 6C

The Mystery of Autoimmune or “Medical Russian Roulette”
What do MS, Addison’s disease, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Asthma, IBS, and Scleroderma all have in common? They are medical conditions that fall under the heading “Autoimmune Diseases, Comorbidities and Syndromes.” There are approximately 140 such medical conditions recognized that affect 5% of the American population. Many are rare but, it is believed that more Americans are impacted simply because these diseases share symptoms and are often found piggy-backing with each other to create an unhealthy storm that robs its victims of any quality of life. Do you know someone who is battling autoimmune issues? There is more known now than ever before. The victims have begun to step out of the shadows and speak up about what life is like for those caught up in a situation that is forever changing. Join us to gain understanding of a medical issue that is a silent epidemic in America and around the world. Class limit: 27
Instructor: Jana Pendragon, MA history & counseling psychology
Thursdays, Jan. 10 - Feb. 28
8:30-10:00 AM
CSULB, HS&D, room 119

Yoga with JeanMarie
Enjoy an hour of stretching and relaxing muscles while building stability and balance. We will work on posture,
circulation, and preventing injury. Class limit: 40
Instructor: JeanMarie VanDine, Certified Yoga Instructor
Thursdays, Jan. 10-Feb. 28
8:30 – 9:45 AM
CSULB, LifeFit Center, room 110B

Tai Chi Chih at Pine Ave.
Come learn and experience the deep relaxation and serenity of Tai Chi Chih/Joy Through Movement. This American version of a Chinese system for maintaining health is also known as “moving meditation”, which brings about inner peace and stability. The 19 movements and one pose are soft and continuous; the essence of Tai Chi Chih.
Class limit: 15
Instructor: Florence St. Peter
Thursdays, Jan. 10 - Feb. 28
9:00 - 10:00 AM - Beginning
10:00 – 11:00 AM - Advanced
Pine Ave, suite 202

It Came From Rock and Roll
In this session we’ll squeeze in as many records as possible,without damaging the vinyl of course, by use of YouTube videos. We start with the very first 45 rpm record, That’s All Right by Arthur Crudup, refashioned into a rockabilly performance by Elvis Presley five years later. Class members will rate the records on a now-notorious 1 to 10 scale, no extra credit for good scores. In excess of 200 records were rated last session, maybe more this time. Last session, #1 was For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield (1967) and #2 was Bill Haley & the Comets’ Rock Around the Clock (1954).The top 40 charts between these landmark records were filled with plenty o’great music, so strap on seat belts, please, for a journey to the beginnings and the ends of rock music. Class limit: 98
Instructor: Steve Propes, BA, R&B DJ on KLON 1981-1990; Charter TV DJ 1990 - 2000; taught rock history CSULB Extension; published 7 books on rock and roll history and record collecting
Thursdays, Jan. 10 - Feb. 28
10:15 – 11:45 AM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Social Spanish
The focus is on vocabulary development and oral fluency. Participants will find a supportive environment to practice Spanish in both 1 on 1 and small group discussions. All levels of Spanish are invited to attend. Emphasis will be on student participation – come and
practice! Class limit: 26
Instructor: Pam Kiwerski, Ignacio Ruiz, Jim Worsham
Thursdays, Jan. 10 - Feb. 28
10:15–11:45 AM
CSULB, HS&D, room 119

Current Events: National and International Issues
Students will participate in a friendly discussion of current events and issues in national and international news. You will be encouraged to become informed, make comments, express opinions, and periodically disagree with each other while remaining courteous.
Class limit: 98
Instructors: Mary Meyer & Doug Haigh
Thursdays, Jan. 10 - Feb. 28
12:00 – 1:30 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Building Blocks of Investing
We will cover a wide variety of topics related to personal investing including: basics of financial planning, how to read stock tables, fixed income investments, bonds, long term care insurance, retirement plans, annuities, distribution options for retirement plans, overview of estate planning, and what you should know and expect in selecting and working with a professional financial planner. No products or services are sold, endorsed, or marketed in any way. Class limit: 27
Instructor: David Bassett-Parkins, Investment Counselor
Thursdays, Jan. 10 - Feb. 28
12:00 -1:30 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 119

Adventures in Acrylics
Come have some fun with acrylic paint! You’ll learn some basics of art, i.e., form and shape, perspective, use of color, layout and more. The goal is to complete the class with a painting of your own creation. No artistic talent or experience required. Explore your own creativity through learning about acrylic paint and what it will do. A list of materials will be given at the first class meeting. Supply own materials or pay $15.00 materials fee. Class limit: 12
Instructor: Kristi Eaglehorse
Thursdays, Jan. 10 - Feb. 28
1:00 – 3:00 PM
Pine Ave. , suite 202

Watercolor for Adv - Thurs.- CANCELLED
Time and space for independent watercolor painting. Students bring own supplies and work. Leader and peer
artists will provide comments and advice for student improvement.
Class limit: 20
Leader: Carol Stern-Levine
Thursdays, Jan. 10 - Feb. 28
1:00 – 3:00 PM (2 hours)
LW, Clubhouse 4 (rear), Art Studio

Folk Guitar I
Dust off that old guitar and let’s play! Learn guitar from the ground up. This class will offer a chord-based approach to learning with Beginners in mind. The emphasis will be on folk, country, blues and early pop music. Reading music or tablature is not required. Just come and have fun. We are building an environment where all guitarists and others can come, meet, learn and enjoy. All you need is an acoustic guitar and your enthusiasm! Class limit: 30
Instructor: Craig Lowe & Frank Swatek
Thursdays, Oct. 4 - Nov. 15
1:45 - 3:15 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Tai Chi Chih -LFC
Tai Chi Chih is an American version of a Chinese system for maintaining health and balance. There are 19 movements and one pose in this discipline. Students can be taught this simple program regardless of physical capability.
Instructor: Florence St. Peter
Thursdays, Oct. 4 – Nov. 15
2:00 – 2:45 PM
CSULB, LifeFit Center, room 107

Catch the Spirit of Music
Do you like to lift your voice? Do you like to sing in the shower? Do you like to feel good? Do you like to harmonize? If so, “catch the spirit” and join the OLLI SATB Vocal Ensemble. We’d love to have you.
Possible $5.00 fee for music.
Class Leader: Fran Harding, Retired Music Teacher
Thursdays, Oct. 4 – Nov. 15
3:30 – 5:00 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Advance Directive Workshop
Constance, with 34 years of Emergency Medicine experience, will lead this class on medical decision making and about types of care you would or would not want if you are unable to speak for yourself. Information will be presented about different medical devices and treatments to help make informed healthcare decisions. Learn how to complete an Advance Directive form and communicate your wishes to care providers and family members. Class limit: 25
Instructor: Constance Malaambo, RN, Masters in Homeopathy
Thursdays, Jan. 10-24 (3 weeks)
3:30-5:00 PM
CSULB, HS&D, Room 119

Grow Roses Organically
How do you grow roses organically without the use of dangerous chemicals, fungicides, insecticides, and other products that may harm family and pets? Growing roses and other plants is easy by just following some simple rules. Come listen and learn. Class limit: 29
Instructor: Stu Span, consulting Rosarian retired, Rogers Gardens
Thursdays, Feb. 7 & 14 (2 weeks)
3:30 – 5:00 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Friday Classes

Not Your Daughter’s Yoga
Participate in a relaxing, fun way to stay young in body, mind and spirit. No body is too old, stiff for yoga. All levels welcome. Ease into learning basic yoga skills and philosophy; learn how to breathe and exercise your way to improved mobility and health. Class limit: 30
Instructor: David Hennage
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
8:15 – 9:30 AM
LifeFit Center, room KIN 107

This class will provide a supportive group to help participants cope with the inevitable losses which accompany this “fourth quarter” of our lives: retirement, and the loss of identity and the meaning and purpose around our work; the loss of spouses, friends, and family through illness and death; our own diminishment, and the increasing loss of our abilities to do what we once could. Class limit: 20
Instructor: Carolyn Estrada
Fridays,Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
8:30 – 9:45 AM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Playing Modern Board Games (Beg.) - Moved to PINE AVE.
Want to keep your mind active and sharp while having fun? Then you are the perfect candidate to be a board gamer.
See description on Mondays. Class limit: 8
Instructor: Gary Page
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
1:00 - 3:00 PM
Pine Ave  - suite 202

Keys to Clearing Clutter
Clear out your back room, office, bedroom, or garage of the clutter that has been standing in your way. You will not only discard what is not useful but you will find some hidden treasures. Class limit: 26
Instructor: Tere Sievers
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
9:30 -11:00 AM
CSULB, HS&D, room 111  (Room change)

DIY (Do It Yourself) Fall Prevention    CANCELLED
Evidence-based research shows the risk of a fall increases around age 60. This DIY class’ standing and seated movements may preclude future falls and improve your quality of life. Movements target balance/stability and flexibility. Small class size ensures participants receive near-personal attention. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring a water bottle. Class limit: 15
Instructor: Collette Nakamoto, Certified Group Fitness Instructor (American Council on Exercise)
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
10:00 - 11:30 AM
LW, Clubhouse 3, room 3

Chinese Traditional Painting
This course is for students with minimum experience. Learn basic techniques including how to handle the chinese painting brush with ink and color. Learn how to execute brush strikes professionally as well as develop skills to draw different subjects. Class limit: 10
Contact: Na Gao
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
10:00 - 11:00 AM
CSULB, HSD , room 105
(Room Change)

The Short Story: Approaching Aging Through Fiction
Aging is a natural process of life, often proceeding silently but sometimes making itself known emphatically. The short stories we will read are fiction, but the wisdom, folly, sadness, pain, and even humor they invoke are recognizable facets of human experience. The writers differ in style, but the stories all deal with aspects of aging and facing the inevitable. Read selections by masters of the genre (such as John Cheever, Nadine Gordimer, and Raymond Carver) and prepare to engage in lively discussions. Class limit: 15
Instructor: Fern Ramirez
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
10:00-11:30 AM
CSULB, HS&D, room 119

Elementary Japanese 101
Class will begin with polite expressions (or “aisatsu”) that are crucial in daily communication and pertain to Japanese customs and traditions. “Hiragana” (one of two Japanese syllabaries) will be introduced early on to enhance pronunciation and reading/writing skills. Handouts and video clips will be used for extra listening and speaking practice. Students can share experiences with Japanese culture and create a ‘culture project’. Class limit: 26
Instructor: William J. Teweles, Ph.D.
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
10:15 -11:45 AM
JCC, room 27

Healthy Not High
Using the solid research of Bonni Goldstein, MD,the class will highlight details of cannabis history. It will cover Marijuana research that has been done throughout the globe.The history of medical cannabis will be highlighted. Demystifying the many “dangers” of using the plant will be addressed. When cannabis should not be used will be covered.Class limit: 80
Instructor: Holly Weber
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 8 (6 wks)
10:45 AM – 12:15 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

New Year/New Ideas for Cards
Shake off the post-holiday blahs! Make cards that you keep on hand like birthday cards, thank-yous, sympathy, and thinking-of-you cards. We won’t forget Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day either!
FIRST CLASS Instructions: Bring a 12 inch paper trimmer with ruler arm, detail scissors, extra-fine black permanent pen (Micron .05 or extra-fine Sharpie), and a tape runner to get started right away. Bring a $20 (cash) supply fee to the first class OR you will not be able to participate unless prior arrangements have been made. Questions? Contact Class limit:15
Instructor: Lisa Malmsten
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
11:15 AM - 1:15 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 105

English Vocabulary from Greek Elements
Many terms in science, technology, government, religion, philosophy come from ancient Greek elements: antibiotic, bishop, metaphysics, schizophrenia, etc. No need to know Greek to break words into roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Bring the required book English Words from Latin and Greek Elements (2nd ed.) by Donald M. Ayers (Univ. Ariz. Press $17.95. To order call 800-621-2736) or Check Amazon. Class limit: 26.
Instructor: Conrad Barrett
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 119

Supercharge Your Brain: The 7 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention
Someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia every 65 seconds. By 2050 it is estimated that 14 million people in the US will have Alzheimer’s at a cost of $1.1 trillion. This presents a huge burden on society as well as on the individuals and families who struggle with effects of this devastating disease. In this class, you will learn the key, scientifically proven lifestyle steps to keep memories sharp and prevent Alzheimer’s as well as other diseases of aging such as heart disease and cancer. Learn about the multiple aspects of health that profoundly affect brain (and total body) health: diet, exercise, stress reduction, sleep, toxins, brain training and use of hormones and supplements. Attendees will be given identifiable steps to take to reduce their risks of Alzheimer’s and other serious chronic illnesses. Class limit: 98
Instructor: Dr. Susan Sklar, Ob/Gyn, certified in Bredesen Protocol for treating/preventing Alzheimer’s, Medical Dir.,Sklar Center for Women’s Wellness
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
12:30-2:00 AM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Yoga on a Chair:  Get Fit Where You Sit
Yoga poses (“asanas”) are performed while seated on a chair or wheelchair. The Lakshmi Voelker chair Yoga (LVCY) provides modifications for students who cannot get onto the floor to do mat yoga. The “chairasanas” provide adaptations for flexibility and use breath, affirmation, and imagery as relaxation and mindfulness techniques.
Class limit 30
Instructor: Claudia Ellano, cert. Lakshmi Yoga, 30+ years experience
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
12:30– 1:30 PM
CSULB, LifeFit Center, KIN 107

Mind Over Mood
The way we think about events influences the anxiety they cause. For example, a person who believes “I must do everything perfectly” has more stress than a person with equal skills who operates under the assumption “I must do my best.” Join to learn techniques that will make your life less stressful and to monitor your thoughts so that you can keep stress at a manageable level. Recommended Text: Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think. 2nd Edition 2015, By D. Greenberger and C.Padesky. Class limit: 29
Instructor: Judy Hails, Professor Emerita Criminology, CSULB, Lic. Marriage and Family Therapist
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
1:30 - 3:00 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Guitar - Basics To Beyond    -  LOCATION CHANGE
Fundamentals for Flatpicking. Peer learning method. Based on American Roots music. Must know open chords. Bring your Guitar. For practice and homework you will need computer Internet access. Text purchase required: Flatpicking Essentials by Dan Miller. Class limit: 12
Instructor: Frank Swatek
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
1:30-3:00 PM
OFF CAMPUS - call for details

Memory into Poetry: Finding Words for Your Life
Shape your life experiences into poems! We all have thoughtful or colorful “moments to remember”—both the life-changing events and also the snapshots of our daily lives. Learn how to develop language for your life-poems. Class meetings include time to free-write and to read aloud. Poetry by contemporary poets will provide creative inspiration as well as spirited discussion. First-time poets welcome! Class limit: 25
Instructor: Linda Carr, Ph.D., USC, Iowa Writers’ Workshop
Fridays, Jan. 11 - Feb. 22 (not Jan. 4)
2:15 - 4:15 PM (2 hours)
CSULB, HS&D, room 101

Stained Glass Making - TIME and LOCATION change
Learn secrets to design, build, and/or restore stained glass windows. This course will cover leaded and copper foil techniques that haven’t changed for hundreds of years. Complete a project to beautify your own home and/or give to friends as keepsakes. A list of materials will be provided at the first class meeting.
Contact the instructor at: Class limit: 20
Instructor: Stephen Newcomb
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
1:30– 3:15 PM
CSULB, HSD, room 105

Jewelry From A-Z - TIME and LOCATION change
Have you admired a piece of jewelry and wanted it to match your colors? If so, this class is for you! Explore jewelry making from A to Z, learn a variety of techniques, including how to string the perfect necklace and create unique jewelry pieces. Belinda is a fiber artist by training. She studied jewelry making and design for over ten years and enjoys creating with various inexpensive objects. Class limit: 20
Instructor: Belinda K. Belisle
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
3:30 – 5:00 PM
CSULB, HSD, room 105

Estate Planning 101
Planning your estate requires making difficult decisions that will affect family members, friends, your legacy and possibly your current lifestyle. These decisions may be even more difficult if there is conflict among those family members or friends you wish to honor. This class will provide tools and information to help make estate planning less overwhelming and more manageable. Class limit: 26
Instructor: Susan Berkman
Fridays, Jan. 4 - Feb. 22
3:15 - 4:45 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 119

Saturday Classes

Advanced Watercolor Workshop
For students who have experience in painting or drawing; non-directed time for artists to improve painting skills. Share experiences, exchange ideas, give feedback and critique each other’s work. Bring art materials and choose the time you wish!
Lessons and advice from the teacher is given between 10:00 – 12:00.
Class limit: 40
Instructor: Mike Daniel
Saturdays, Jan. 5 - Feb. 23
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 105

Hollywood Men: The 1930s
During the pre-code era of Hollywood, subjects that would soon be taboo such as sex, drugs, and gangsters, made stars out of Clark Gable, Jimmy Cagney and William Powell. Soon, the Code would force these stars to hide their on-screen and off-screen bad behavior. Come find out which star was a spy, who tried to adopt Shirley Temple, and who may have murdered someone! Class limit: 98
Instructor: Allyson Oplinger
Saturdays, Jan. 5 - Feb. 23
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
CSULB, HS&D, room 101


OLLI CSULB Classroom 101

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Terry Fiskin leads the Taking Better Photos class


Wes Peck and the Mac / PC Computer Lab.


Muriel Pendelton leads the Recorder group