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California State University, Long Beach
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OLLI Pine Ave. SUMMER 2015


737 Pine Ave. Suite 202

Long Beach, CA 90813


Longevity Stick
This class promotes physical fitness, increased energy, and mental relaxation. Longevity stick involves gentle motions, stimulates blood circulation, increases flexibility, aids balance and coordination, is easy to learn, and is fun! Bring a one-inch dowel, one to two inches longer than your height, with rubber (not plastic) end caps. (Available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or most hardware stores.) Tennis or athletic shoes are recommended, as is loose and layered clothing.
Instructor: Camilla Marie Gartland, certified longevity stick instructor
Mondays, June 29 – Aug. 17
10:00 – 11:30 AM
Pine Ave., Park Pacific Tower (meet in the garden)



No Classes this session


Self Hypnosis for Relaxation,Self Improvement, and Fun
This is a fun filled adventure into the benefits of Self Hypnosis and other self directed techniques which improve the quality of life. Self Hypnosis is effective in many areas of life including stress reduction, relaxation, pain relief, self control, positive thinking and better sleep, but best of all more JOY. Each class will end with a guided meditation.
Instructor: Donna Kannard, Ph.D., author of Trance Magic
Wednesdays, July 1 – Aug. 19
10:00 – 11:30 AM
Pine Ave., Suite 202



Tai Chi Chih
Come and experience the deep relaxation and serenity of Tai Chi Chih. This is the American version of a Chinese
system for maintaining health. It is known as “moving meditation” which brings about inner peace and quietness. This is a great way to obtain great health. It has 19 movements and one pose. All levels are welcome.
Instructor: Florence St. Peter
Thursdays, April 16 – June 4
10:00 - 11:00 AM
Pine Ave., suite 202


Mural Walk in Long Beach (see class schedule for description)


Cecil B De Mille: The Master of Film
To this day, he is the most commercially successful director of all time. His movies are known for their spectacle, their sensuality, and their over-the-top production values. He introduced film noir to American cinema, created the sex comedy, and produced some gritty social dramas that were far ahead of their time. Come see why film historians call him the “Master” and why some of his movies were banned from the public for decades for being too naughty!
Instructor: Allyson Hathcock
Saturdays, June 27 - Aug. 22
10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Pine Ave., Suite 202

DownTown Map

Parking Options

• All day parking $5.00 on the South East corner of 7th Street and Pacific Avenue.
• Metered parking: 15 minutes for a quarter, 2-hour limit.
• Non-metered parking: North of 8th Street on Pacific Avenue and Pine Avenue, as well as neighborhood streets West of Pacific Avenue.

Long Beach Transit

Stop on Northeast corner of 7th Street and Pacific Avenue. Please check a current Long Beach Transit bus schedule for route days and times. For further information, call Long Beach Transit at 562-591-2301 or use the LB Transit web site.