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California State University, Long Beach
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OLLI Computer Classes FALL 2017

The Lab features Mac computers that also run Windows 10 OS.


Intermediate iPhone (iOS)
Know some iPhone basics, and ready to learn more? This class includes a quick review of the apps covered in the beginning class, then will go on to how to take and edit photos, listen to music and podcasts, keep a calendar, and read the news. We’ll cover how to use Siri, the Health app, and how to back up and store your data, as well as general troubleshooting. Note: If you don’t feel ready for this class yet, try Tuesday’s Beginning iPhone class.
Prerequisites: have an iPhone 5 or higher. Bring your activated and charged phone to each class.
Instructor: Kathy Winkenwerder
Oct. 2 – Nov. 13
8:30 – 10:00 AM

Photoshop Elements version 15 Organizer (PC)
This is the first beginning Photoshop Elements class. Learn how to import media into catalogs. Also, tag your photos, put them into albums and arrange for rapid retrieval, then arrange them by dates, locations and events. You’ll see how the software can automatically locate and recognize faces, how you can download pictures from cameras, telephones and other locations, and how to find those precious moments captured and stored in on your computer.
Prerequisite: Beginning Windows
Instructor: Craig Lowe
Oct. 2 – Nov. 13
10:15 – 11:45 AM

Introduction to Windows 10 (PC)
Whether you’re new to a Windows PC or just need a refresher, learn skills to help you keep in touch with family and friends, find important information, and more. Beginning skills include how to use a mouse and a keyboard, how to play simple games, and in general how your computer works. Then move to the intermediate skills of using email, searching the Web. Make folders and create simple documents. Pick the skill you need and the instructor and experienced coaches will be ready to help. The Windows 10 operating system is on lab computers.
No Prerequisites.
Instructor: Richard Sherwood
Oct. 2 – Nov. 13
12:30 – 1:30 PM

Samsung Smartphone Basics (Android)
Explore how a Samsung smartphone works. Learn what you can do with yours, what comes with your phone, what apps are and how to download them. Get comfortable with the touch screen and practice using it. See what you can do with your Samsung smartphone besides making and answering phone calls or texts. You’ll learn how to check mail, use the camera, browse the Web, play games, listen to music, and get directions from a map.
Prerequisite: bring a Samsung smartphone charged to each class.
Instructor: Richard Sherwood
Oct. 2 – Nov. 13
1:45 – 3:15 PM

Social Media
You’ll be introduced to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, three of the most popular social media sites in the Internet. You’ll be shown how to open an account, create a profile, and activate privacy settings to keep you safe. Use these popular sites to go online to keep in touch with family and friends. You’ll also see how to send messages, post photos and videos, and how to add and follow friends and groups.
Instructor: Perla Gutierrez
Oct. 2 – Nov. 13
3:30 – 5:00 PM


Beginning iPhone (iOS)
Just get your phone or haven’t had time to learn how to use it? This beginners’ class will concentrate on some of the most frequently used iPhone apps. You’ll see how to make phone calls, read, send and receive email, manage content, search the web, enter text, use maps to get around, organize your apps and get familiar with some of the settings. You’ll also get a preview of what’s covered in the Intermediate iPhone class.
Prerequisites: have an iPhone 5 or higher. Bring your activated and charged phone to each class.
Instructor: Kathy Winkenwerder
Oct. 3 – Nov. 14
8:30 – 10:00 AM

Photoshop Elements version 15 Image Editing Basics (PC)
This is the second of the beginning  Photoshop Elements classes. You’ll learn to recognize what a photo needs with the aid of histograms. See how to improve lighting, contrast, color, red eye and more. To enhance pictures, you will learn to use Instance editor, Quick editor and Guided editors, dividing scanned photos. Explore eLive and Adobe Help to provide a crutch at home when things don’t go how you want. We’ll cover how to resize and print the enhanced pictures, and how to email them efficiently.
Prerequisite: Photoshop Organizer
Instructor: Harold Drab
Oct. 3 – Nov 14
10:15 – 11:45 AM

Microsoft Excel 2013
If you want to learn how to use Excel or brush up on the latest version so you can keep track of your finances, make inventories and more, this is the class for you. You will start by learning how how Excel looks so you can familiarize yourself with the worksheets and workbooks, and get to know where the various controls and commands are. You’ll also learn how to add worksheet contents and formatting, and make calculations. Then you will learn basic formulas, such as sums and percentages.
Instructor: John Rogers
Oct. 3 – Nov 14
3:30 – 5:00 PM


Travel with your iPad/iPhone (iOS)
Explore a variety of travel apps you can download to your iPhone or iPad. We’ll cover how to use apps to find places to go, search for hotels and other accommodations; how to book and manage airline travel, car rentals and cruises; how to find free Wi-Fi; how to use maps, both online and offline when no Wi-Fi is available; how to use a translation app when you’re in a foreign country; and when you’re traveling by car, how to use apps like Uber, Gas Buddy and iExit.
Bring your charged iPad or iPhone to each class.
Instructor: Marilyn Gettys
Oct. 4 – Nov. 15
8:30 – 10:00 AM

Introduction to the iPad (iOS)
Have an iPad and not sure how to use it? This beginners’ class will discuss and demonstrate all the basic features of the iPad. Learn how to use the touch screen and gestures, how to download apps and organize them, how to get and send email, how to personalize apps in Settings, how to talk to and get answers from Siri, take Notes, keep a Calendar and address book, search the web with Safari, and take, edit and store Photos. Bring your iPad with you to each class.
Prerequisite: You have an iPad.
Instructor: Marilyn Gettys
Oct. 4 – Nov. 15
10:15 – 11:45 AM

Advanced iPad (iOS)
Now that you know how to use your iPad, you’re ready to learn about more of the apps that come with your device. Learn how to use Maps to help you get where you’re going, how to talk on Facetime, how to buy eBooks online or borrow them from the library, and how to buy music or put your own music on your device. You’ll also see how to use iTunes to back up and store your media, how to watch Video, how to listen or watch Podcasts, and take, store and edit Photos.
Prerequisite: Intro to the iPad or knowledge of the material covered in that class.Bring your iPad with you to each class.
Instructor: Marilyn Gettys
Oct. 4 – Nov. 15
12:00 - 1:30 PM

It’s Your Mac. Do What You Want to Do (Mac)
Are you a beginning Mac user? Join us for a real hands-on class where you will explore many of the applications that came with your Mac. Learn how to manage the dock, finder windows, menus and shortcuts. We will use the Apple email program, set up Contacts, use Safari to browse the Web, write and save documents.Discover how to personalize your computer the way you want to use it. There will be plenty of opportunities to get your questions answered. Text: The Little Mac Book: Lion Edition, by Robin Williams.
Instructor: Bonnie Elsten
Oct. 4 – Nov. 15
1:45 – 3:15 PM

Click Start Your Genealogy Research (Mac)
Do you want to know more about your family history? Have you already gathered information, but need to organize it? Learn what can be done using Internet resources. We will look at popular genealogy programs for the Mac to help you organize and document your research. We’ll also explore ways to locate others researching your family lines, and find Web sites to further your research. If possible, bring a list of family last names and localities to your first class.
Prerequisites: Ability to use a Mac for Internet access.
Text: A Beginner’s Guide to Online Genealogy by Michael Dunn

Instructor: Bonnie Elsten
Oct. 4 – Nov. 15
3:30 – 5:00 PM


Photographic Composition (Mac, PC, iOS, Android) (4 Week class)
Starting with composition basics, students will learn how to create more pleasing and compelling images by using the elements of color, shape, angles and contrast. Whether you’re using smartphone, tablet or camera, students will be able to improve their photographic technique while viewing many sample images. Students also will learn how to transfer their photos to a computer.
Prerequisite: Basic computer skills
Instructor: Larry Hicks
Oct. 5– Oct 26
8:30 – 10:00 AM

Windows PC Skills Review (PC)   (3 weeks - Nov)
Reinforce the skills you’ve learned in our Windows PC classes while getting acquainted with the Windows 10 operating system that has just been installed on the lab computers. You will get one-on-one help with how to use email, find things on the Web, make folders, copy and paste, use a simple word processing program, and where to store the documents you create.
Prerequisite: Current or past enrollment in Windows PC classes.
Instructor: Toni Evans
Nov. 2 – Nov 16
8:30 – 10:00 AM

Managing Digital Photos
Learn two free ways to store, edit, and arrange your digital photos, as well as how to share them with family and friends. The class will explore how to store your photos on your computer, using Picasa, and how to store them online, using Google Photos. You also will learn the editing tools of cropping, straightening, adjusting the color and removing red-eye problems in a photo, in addition to how to arrange your photos into albums. We’ll use the lab computers for our Picasa work; students are encouraged to bring their smartphones or tablets to class for use with Google photos.
Instructor: Reggie Gates
Oct. 5 – Nov. 15
1:45 - 3:15     NEW _ CHANGED TIME

Tour of Free Google Services
Take a look and try them out. In addition to being free, the following Google services can be used anywhere (on a computer, a tablet or smartphone) because they are web-based and sharable. Included: Google Docs, (word processing), Google Sheets (spreadsheets), Google Slides (presentations), Google Calendar, Google Drive (cloud storage), Google Keep (note taking), Google Play Music (music streaming), and Google Arts and Culture, which offers free admission to museums and cultural organizations around the world.
Prerequisite: Internet skills
Instructor: Gail Meredith
Oct. 5 – Nov. 15
12:00 - 1:30    NEW _ CHANGED TIME


Friday Open Computer Lab - 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM - FREE

The lab is open to all OLLI members help you practice what you have learned in class, or to answer your questions and help try to solve your computer problems.

It’s a place to get one-on-one attention from your peers.
Bring your laptop or iPad if you would like help with your personal computer or device.


Coaches Wanted!

If you have experience with a Mac or PC Computer program, consider coaching in the computer lab. Any level of experience and teaching practice welcome!
Sign-up in the lab or talk to a
course instructor.

Telephone (562) 985-8237 for further information, if you or someone you know would like to coach a course.

The Computer Lab

You’ll find the OLLI computer classroom, with its small classes and up-to-date software an ideal place to learn. Along with the instructors, there are coaches in each class who are there to help you, too.
That means that any time you have questions, there will be someone to answer them for you. And if you want to spend extra time working on class assignments, you can come to the computer lab. It’s open all day Friday.

* Classes will be filled on first-come, first-served basis.
* Read the class description to get the class that best fits your skills.
* Each computer class has room for 12 students - unless otherwise limited.

Please Note: Textbooks are not supplied in computer lab classes. In many cases you’ll see the book the instructor will use listed just after the class description so you can buy a copy if you wish.

Some computer classes have a minimum enrollment. If enrollment is not met one week before the first week of class, the class may be canceled. If there is a cancellation, students will be notified.