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California State University, Long Beach
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This hands-on, three-day course is specifically designed for all law enforcement personnel who have the responsibility of using digital photography to properly document crime scenes and physical evidence. The course is custom designed to provide students with a thorough working understanding of their specific camera’s functions and improve their skills as Crime Scene Photographers.

Those with no previous photography training as well as the more experienced students will benefit from the detailed, hands-on instruction presented in a time proven “learn it, then do it” format.


  • The basics of photography
  • Understanding your camera
  • Program, Automatic, & Manual modes & how to use them
  • ISO, white balance, aperture, shutter speed & exposure compensation made simple
  • Choosing the best lens for the job
  • Using the power of your flash
  • The differences in digital formats
  • Getting a proper exposure in any light
  • Burglary, assault, homicide, & officer involved shooting scenes.
  • Taking excellent injury photographs
  • Time exposures & painting-with-light
  • Comparison-quality footwear & tire track photographs
  • Telling the story of your Crime Scene with digital photography
  • All this and more will be presented in a simple, non-technical, easy to understand format that can be put to immediate use at your next crime scene.