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California State University, Long Beach

Video-Based Intervention for HIV/STD Prevention in STD Clinic Waiting Rooms

This study was a 5-year, multi-site trial that sought to evaluate the effectiveness of a brief 23 minute HIV/STI educational video on STI incidence in STD clinic patients in three cities. The "Safe in the City" video uses soap-opera style vignettes to promote consistent and correct condom use and safer sex behaviors. A controlled trial design was used, in which the intervention (i.e., “Safe in the City” video, supplemented by movie-style posters) and control conditions (i.e., standard waiting room experience) were systematically administered to all waiting room patients in alternating four-week blocks of time. A statistically significant approximate 10% reduction in new STIs was found among those who attended the clinic during the intervention periods.

The major outcome paper from the Safe in the City Project was published in PLoS Medicine in June, 2007 and was listed as an effective evidence-based human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention intervention on the CDC Diffusion of Evidence-Based Intervention (DEBI) website ( ) the day after the publication of the article. This was the fastest any intervention has ever been designated a DEBI. Only 18 interventions conducted over the last 25 years have been designated as DEBIs. Dr. Malotte has been a co-investigator on three of these 18 projects, and CSULB also participated in a fourth DEBI project. No other university in the nation can make this claim.