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California State University, Long Beach

Past Distinguished Alumni


Mr. Ronald R. Arias M.P.A.
1971 BA Kinesiology & Physical Education

Mr. David J. Armijo
2001 MPA Public Administration      

Ms. Denise L. Austin
1979 BS Kinesiology & Physical Education 

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Barber
1979 MPA Public Administration

Ms. Nancy L. Beard
1977 BS Recreation and Leisure Studies 
1987 MS Recreation and Leisure Studies 

Mr. Charlie Beck
2007 BS Occupational Studies 

Mr. Frank I. Benest
1978 MPA Public Administration

Dr. Carole A. Bennett
1965 BA Family & Consumer Science: Consumer Affairs
1972 MA Family & Consumer Science

Ms. G. Lorain Brault
1972 BS Nursing
1976 MS Nursing

Mr. Jack R. Brick
1961 BS Criminal Justice
1973 MS Criminal Justice

Ms. Barbara Brown
1984 MPA Public Administration

Mr. Oliver Cagle
1971 BA Recreation

Ms. Marjorie L. Chitwood-Burri
1966 BA Family & Consumer Science

Mr. Ronny J. Coleman
1987 MA Special Major 
1994 MA Vocational Education

Mr. H. Brent Coles
1979 MPA Public Administration

Mr. Larry E. Crabtree
1976 BS Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement

Ms. Joann E. Driggers
1973 MA Family & Consumer Science

Dr. Thomas A. Dean
1967 BA Industrial Arts
1972 MA Industrial Arts

Mr. Robert C. Dunek
1978 MPA Public Administration

Mr. Modesto E. Ellano Jr.
1990 MSW Social Work

Mr. William F. Ensley
1964 BS Industrial Technology - Electronics    

Mr. James E. Fassel
1973 BA Kinesiology & Physical Education 

Dr. Cathy J. Ferguson 
1970 BA Kinesiology & Physical Education 

Ms. Jami E. Goldman
1996 BA Family & Con. Science: Child Development & Family Studies

Ms. Linda Sheryl Greene
1970 BA Health Science

Mr. James A. Herman
1956 BA Industrial Arts
1958 MA Industrial Arts

Dr. Richard O. Keelor
1961 BA Kinesiology & Physical Education
1964 MA Kinesiology & Physical Education

Ms. Pauline Le
1994 BA Social Work
1998 MSW Social Work

Mr. Norman D. Lean
1956 MA Industrial Arts

Ms. Joanette L. Lima
1980 BS Pre-Physical Therapy


Mr. Edward G. Linhart
1974 BA Industrial Arts
1976 MA Industrial Arts

Ms. Vivianne Prevost Lokken
1993 BS Nursing

Mr. Richard V. Loya
1968 BA Health Science
1977 MS Health Science

Mr. David Lee Maggard Jr.
1997 MS Criminal Justice

Mr. Larry G. Manly
1961 BA Kinesiology & Physical Education

Mrs. Misty E. May-Treanor
2002 BA KPE: Fitness

Mr. Murphy McCalley
1981 MPA Public Administration

Ms. Debra Lee McGinty-Poteet
1982 MPA Public Administration

Ms. Cynthia Mirsky
1996 BS Dietetics and Food Administration

Mrs. Pamela M. Mokler
1997 MS Gerontology

Mr. Steve Molina
1979 BS Recreation and Leisure Studies

Dr. Judy K. Montgomery
1973 MA Communicative Disorders

Mr. Michael J. Montgomery
1968 BA Kinesiology & Physical Education

Mrs. Linda Moulton-Patterson
1982 MPA Public Administration

Mr. Alan D. Nitake
1973 BA Kinesiology & Physical Education
1974 BS Pre-Physical Therapy

Mr. Rodney L. Patterson
1984 MPA Public Administration

Ms. Patricia S. Ploehn
1989 MSW Social Work

Mr. Paul D. Pursell
1972 BS Pre-Physical Therapy

 Mr. Jon H. Regnier
1977 MPA Public Administration

Mrs. Janet M. Riedman
1970 BS Nursing

Mrs. Abigail Roddie-Hamlin
1980 BS Health Science: Community Health Education
1988 MPH Health Science: Community Health Education

Thomas Salerno 
President & CEO St. Mary Medical Center

1980, Master of Public Administration

Dr. Vala J. Stults
1964 BA Family & Consumer Science, 1969 MA Family & Consumer Science

Mr. Randall M. Ward
1976 MPA Public Administration

Mr. Samuel Ward
1997 BS Physical Therapy 

Mrs. Betsy G. Wells
1986 900 Credential
1986 MA Communicative Disorders

Mr. Jack E. Whitehouse
1971 MS Criminal Justice

Mr. Bill Wood
1968 BA Recreation   

Mr. Susumu Yokoyama
1971 BA Political Science
1977 MPA Public Administration