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California State University, Long Beach
College of Health and Human Services Academic Advising & Resource Center

Freshmen Spring Advising

CSULB requires all freshmen to receive academic advising in their spring semester in order to register for their third semester (fall term).

If you do not receive academic advising during the spring semester, your registration hold will not be lifted.

All CHHS advising workshops are now complete. Read the information below for instructions on how to have your advising hold removed.

Freshmen Spring 2017 Advising – Declared CHHS Majors/Pre-Majors ONLY

1. Verify your major.

  1. Log onto MyCSULB.
  2. Click on Student Center.
  3. Click on My Academics.
  4. Verify that the major/pre-major listed is your intended major.
    • If your major is correct, proceed to #2.
    • If you are NOT currently a declared CHHS major or pre-major but are interested in pursuing a CHHS major, visit us in HSD-117 for assistance.
    • If you are no longer pursuing a CHHS major, change your major as soon as possible to receive advising from the correct center.

You MUST be declared in your intended major/pre-major to ensure you receive accurate advising this semester.
Non-declared CHHS majors/pre-majors should visit the Enrollment Services Freshmen Spring Advising page for more information about where to receive advising.

2. Verify that all test and/or transfer credit is posted.

  1. Log onto MyCSULB.
  2. Click on Student Center.
  3. Click on My Academics.
  4. Click on View My Transfer Credit Report.
  5. Verify that all test and/or transfer credit is listed. Submit records of any missing credit to Enrollment Services immediately.

3. Complete the online module and freshmen advising worksheets.

  1. Refer to the email* from CHHS Advising for instructions and the module link.
  2. You MUST complete the module and freshmen advising worksheets.

*Emails were sent to all CHHS second semester freshmen, to the preferred email address listed on MyCSULB. Students are responsible for updating their preferences on MyCSULB and reading all university emails.

4. Complete and submit required documents to CHHS Advising (HSD-117).

  1. Submit your completed freshmen advising worksheets.
  2. Submit a signed advising waiver.

More information about the university policy on freshmen advising can be found on the Enrollment Services Freshmen Advising page.