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California State University, Long Beach
College of Health and Human Services Academic Advising & Resource Center

Do you need an appointment?

Use the critiera below to determine if you need to schedule an individual appointment with an advisor or if you should stop by during our 5 minute quick assist hours.

Individual appointments are necessary for:

  • Advising for course requirement
  • Comprehensive GE & major advising
  • Grad Checks/Grad Plans
  • Low major GPA(s)
  • Probation
  • Schedule Planning
  • Timely Graduation
  • Transfer student advising

Please note that individual appointments are reserved for declared CHHS currently matriculated students.

5 Minute Quick Assist advising is appropriate for:

  • Changing your degree objectives (i.e. adding a minor/major/certificate or switching your major/pre-major)
  • Changing your GE pattern
  • Changing your major/minor catalog year
  • CHHS minor advising
  • Class permits
  • Freshmen
  • GE Questions
  • Signature on CR/NC form
  • Signature on Educational Leave form
  • Students graduating in Fall 2013 or Spring 2014
  • Substitutions/Waivers
  • Timely Graduation Appeal follow ups
  • WPE/GWAR questions

Pre-Major advising sessions are appropriate for:

  • Any declared CHHS pre-major (except Pre-Nursing)
  • Any freshmen or sophomore interested in declaring a CHHS pre-major (except Pre-Nursing)

If you do not need an appointment, please click here for our 5 minute Quick Assist advising hours.

If, based on the above criteria, you need to schedule an appointment, please click here.