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California State University, Long Beach

CHHS Students Awarded Roger F. Greaves and Health Net, Inc. Scholarships

Six outstanding students from the College of Health and Human Services are closer to achieving their dreams of becoming nutritionists, social workers, and healthcare professionals.

          Roger Greaves
                   Roger Greaves speaking to CHHS students and faculty.

On October 10, 2012, the College of Health and Human Servicers hosted its annual Roger F. Greaves/ Health Net Luncheon.  Mr. Greaves was on hand to personally meet and award five recipients with Roger F. Grieves Scholarships and one student with the Health Net, Inc. Scholarship.

Roger F. Greaves Scholarship 2012-2013 Recipients:
Julie Lee - Social Work
David Underhill - Kinesiology/Exercise Science
Grace Kim - Nutritional Science
Ashley Pipes - Social Work
Demetria Gadles - Social Work

HealthNet, Inc. Scholarship 2012-2013 Recipient:
Grace Kim - Nutritional Science

Because of the scholarships, these award recipients are better prepared and trained to be the future healthcare workforce of California.  The College of Health and Human Services would like to thank Roger Greaves for his generosity and commitment to higher education and health.


The Roger Greaves Scholarship and Health Net, Inc. Scholarship –  In 1992 after Health Net's conversion from nonprofit to for-profit status, Mr. Greaves established a scholarship in his name and another was established another to be named after Health Net.  The intent of the two scholarships is to "assist CSULB/ CHHS students who pursue careers in health promotion and disease prevention” which mirrors the California Wellness Foundation's mission, the foundation resulting from the conversion of Health Net to its for-profit status. 


Health Net, Inc. – Roger Greaves is Chairman of the Board at Health Net, Inc. where he joined as president in 1982, three years after the HMO’s inception. During his tenure, Health Net grew from 100,000 members to more than 1.2 million members. After Health Net became a for-profit company, it experienced subsequent mergers with QualMed and Foundation Health Corporation, and became one of the largest managed care entities in America and the second largest HMO in California. 

Mr. Greaves has been the spokesperson for Health Net on the national stage, representing the organization and the industry to members of Congress, to major institutional investors and Wall Street analysts. He is acknowledged as one of the original proponents of “Wellness” and regularly speaks to groups throughout the nation regarding health care management, health promotion and disease prevention.  In 1995, he retired as President and CEO of Health Net (then known as Health Systems International) but currently serves on its board as Chairman.