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California State University, Long Beach

Commitment to the Community: The Health on Wheels Mobile Clinic

Health on Wheels Mobile Clinic


Since its inception in 1996, the Health on Wheels (HOW) Mobile Clinic has played an important role in promoting the health and well-being of over 20,000 patient-students in the Norwalk - La Mirada Unified School District.  The clinic offers services, such as physical examinations and vaccinations, which these students may not otherwise regularly receive.

 In order to make this mobile clinic a reality, the collaboration of highly vested stakeholders was essential.  The Health on Wheels Mobile Clinic is the result of a partnership involving the City of Norwalk, the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District (NLMUSD), Kaiser Permanente, and CSULB’s School of Nursing (SON).  Each partner contributes to the success of the Health on Wheels clinic. 

  • CSULB’s School of Nursing, through California state grants until 2012 and support from Long Beach Memorial Medical Center starting in 2012, provides two pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) faculty to serve both as practitioners and as preceptors for the pediatric nursing students that rotate through the clinic. 
  • The School of Nursing also provides all the supplies to run the clinic.
  • The NLMUSD provides for a program coordinator and community liaisons at each of the schools to assist with appointments and follow-ups. 
  • The City of Norwalk provides cell phone use, maintenance on and insurance for the clinic vehicle as well as the driver for the clinic vehicle.
  • Kaiser Permanente provides for a pediatrician who serves as the medical director to consult with the pediatric nurse practitioners, review and sign the PNP protocols, and review patient charts.  The medical director is not on site.

Commitment to Education

The clinic proves itself as a valuable teaching-learning tool to the pediatric and family nurse practitioner (PNP)/(FNP) students training on the clinic each semester.  Each spring, the clinic has eight to ten CSULB graduate students in their pediatric physical assessment course rotate through the clinic with each student spending 25 hours working on the clinic.  In the fall semester, the clinic has 3 PNP/FNP graduate students in their first clinical class on the clinic.  Since the clinic’s inception, over 140 master’s level nurse practitioner students have rotated through the clinic’s 30-hour rotation.   PNP students passing through this clinic are completing degree requirements all-the-while being provided invaluable hands-on training in a community- based setting.

Contributing to the Community

While CSULB students are gaining experience as pediatric nurse practitioners, the SON program and its students are providing a much-needed service to the children in the community.  HOW Mobile Clinic does not charge for its services.  The clinic sees children for the following reasons:

  • Physical examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Health education and anticipatory guidance
  • Laboratory testing
  • Management of minor illnesses
  • Referrals

The HOW partnership helps SON and the College of Health and Human Services fulfill the college’s mission to Connect, Discover, Educate.  HOW is a community-based platform where both CSULB students and the community can obtain education  by taking this clinic opportunity to connect with at-risk and underserved populations while educating CSULB students.  The partnership facilitates SON’s connecting of its resources- faculty, practitioners, and students- to an underserved population that greatly benefits from what CSULB offers.   CSULB nurse practitioner students are given the invaluable opportunity for service learning; these students help the community while they obtain their education.  The partnership’s key stakeholders also discover ways to better serve the community through innovative and/or adapted and applied best practices.

Partnerships such as these that offer direct services to the community while also providing a training platform for CSULB students are imperative to producing health and wellness professionals with highly valued degrees.  These graduates go on to contribute to the health, well-being, and quality of living for Californians and the nation. 

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