Research on Ethics

Faculty Fellows Program
Ethics roundtable with CSULB faculty and former Mattel CEO Bob Eckert

The Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership seeks to be a contributor to research on ethical leadership, both in the academic and practitioner arenas. We place priority on research areas that are aligned with the capabilities and interests of CSULB faculty.

In 2014, the Ukleja Center began offering annual grants to support faculty ethics research and contributions to the body of knowledge in disciplinary and interdisciplinary ethics. CSULB faculty members are invited to apply here for research stipends each spring and proposals are due by March 1. Our 2016-2017 stipends are supporting the following research endeavors:

  • How Mobile Phone Surveillance Contributes to Digital Inequalities for Disadvantaged Urban Residents (Dr. Gwen Shaffer)
  • Pharmacological Cognitive Enhancement: Examining the Ethical Principles Guiding College Students’ Abstention (Dr. Niloofar Bavarian)

In 2012, the center initiated a university-wide survey to learn how ethics is being taught across the CSULB campus. A White Paper on Ethics Training at CSULB summarizes the survey's findings. As a result of the survey, the center developed an online teaching tool, Designs 4 Teaching Ethics, to help faculty deepen students' learning about ethics. All CSULB faculty are invited to participate through Beachboard.

Each fall, faculty are invited to attend a roundtable to discuss ways to enhance the teaching of ethics at CSULB. One Faculty Ethics Roundtable focused on providing tools to support faculty ethics research, including an opportunity to create research teams to apply for specific grants. Here are some resources that were shared:

For more information about any of the center's research initiatives, please contact Dr. Brenda Freshman, Research Director.