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Our Purpose

The Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership offers training to enhance the integration of ethics in everything we do.

The core principles of the Ukleja Center are our:

  • Mission: Equipping people with the transformational power of ethical leadership
  • Vision: Strengthening communities by creating a culture that inspires ethical practice
  • Core Values: Integrity, Servant Leadership, Excellence, and Empowerment

We base our actions on three pillars that serve as our guiding lights:

  • Education: The way we teach CSULB students about ethical behavior
  • University Research: How we engage faculty members to conduct research on ethical leadership
  • Community Outreach: Offering activities and programs, both across campus and with communities beyond the University’s boundaries, that emphasize the power of ethics in leadership and practice

The College of Business Administration at California State University, Long Beach seeks to graduate high-quality, ethical business professionals prepared to excel in a dynamic global business environment.  The University is committed to providing highly-valued graduates to serve the people of California and the world.  The Ukleja Center plays an important role in developing and disseminating the principles of ethical behavior and their application to help the CBA and University accomplish their purpose.