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Governing Council

Serving as advisors and ambassadors for the Center, the Governing Council meets three times a year to provide strategic direction, program development, and fundraising guidance in support of the Center’s mission, vision, and values.


Louise UklejaLouise Ukleja
Executive Director
Opportunity Schools



Missing Head ShotDr. Chip Espinoza

Missing Head ShotDrew Gagner

Missing HeadShotSteve Goodling

Cynthia GraffCynthia Graff
President and CEO
Lindora, Inc.

Missing HeadshotMark Guillen

Missing HeadshotCJ Harmatz

David MaggardDavid Maggard

Debbie BarreraDr. Daniel O'Connor
Interim Associate Dean College of Liberal Arts
California State University, Long Beach

Debra Montalvo RussellDebra Montalvo Russell
Business Development and Community Relations
Signal Hill Petroleum, Inc.

Rosa Zeegers Dana Schuller
Senior Vice President
Organizational Development
SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union

Debbie BarreraTim Selchau


Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Jane ConoleyDr. Jane Close Conoley
California State University, Long Beach

Dr. Michael SoltDr. Michael Solt
Dean, College of Business Administration
California State University, Long Beach

Jane RoederJane Roder
Interm Director
Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership