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Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership Offers California Student Leadership Institute

The Edna Davis Hobbs California Student Leadership Institute is designed to equip students with the transformational power of ethical leadership.  Class participants have an opportunity to explore ethical issues related to business, government, education, media, healthcare, and other professional fields.  The program enables participants to discover their core values and build a strong ethical foundation upon which future decisions can be made.  Teamwork, community service, and networking with guest speakers are integral to program, which is held both on and off campus.

This year, the California Student Leadership Institute has 18 students enrolled and features guest speakers sharing ethical challenges from organizations such as JetBlue Airways and The Boeing Company.  For the service learning component, students will be volunteering with a nonprofit organization that serves the elderly.

Enrollment is open to all CSULB students who have a passion for ethical leadership after receiving permission from the instructor, Dr. Kathleen A. Lacey.

To enroll in the 2009-2010 class, please refer to CBA-401 A and B, complete the program application form, and return it to Jane Roeder at jroeder@csulb.edu or CBA-200 by May 22, 2009.  Please call (562) 985-8600 with any questions about the program or application process.