Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership

College of Business Administration


Contact: Kathleen Lacey, Associate Director
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The Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership at California State University, Long Beach launched one of its key initiatives, "Ethics Across the Curriculum," by announcing its first curriculum research grant award recipients. Faculty awardees are: Dr. Debra Grace and Dr. Jian Zhang from the department of accountancy, Dr. Omer Benli and Dr. Robert Chi from the department of information systems, and Dr. Teresa Chandler from the department of philosophy. Recipients will receive $2,000 pedagogical research stipends for infusing ethics into their course curricula at a luncheon reception on campus on March 6th.

The research program was made possible through a grant from The Boeing Company. Although the inaugural program is being launched primarily within the College of Business Administration, all CSULB colleges and disciplines will be included as the program grows.

Dr. Grace's and Dr. Zhang's accountancy students will have an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of applied ethics, including Sarbanes-Oxley Act rules and the development of mini-case studies based on identification of the "absolutes" in applied ethics within the accounting field.

Dr. Benli's research project, entitled How Not to Lie with Statistics, focuses on the use and misuse of statistics in reporting data and key areas to consider with regard to ensuring ethical accuracy in reporting research and related findings. Utilizing Enron, Arthur Anderson, and other case studies, students of Dr. Robert Chi, chair of the information systems department, will explore information ethics and norms, internet, computer, and intellectual property issues, cultural differences, and related challenges to managers. Dr. Chandler is fostering the development of curriculum for an interdisciplinary business ethics course. Curriculum outlines and research results will be posted on the Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership’s web site ( to help other educators integrate ethics across the curriculum.

Named for its major donors, Mick and Louise Ukleja, the Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership equips people with the transformational power of ethical leadership. It focuses on a three-pronged approach, discovery of new ideas through university research, development of ethical leaders through education, and dissemination of knowledge through community outreach. In addition to developing programs for students, the center works with companies, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations to advance the practice of ethical leadership.