SCPD Workshops

Business Professional Certificate

Event Points
Who Am I?
SCPD Orientation 10
Mission, Vision, Values 10
Team Building 10
Conflict Resolution 10
Communication 10
Where Am I Going?
How to Reach Your Goals 10
Financial Planning for Young Professionals 10
Ethics in Business 10
Business Etiquette 10
Business and The Arts 10
How Do I Get There?
Leadership in the Workplace 10
Ace that Interview! Behavior Based Techniques 10
Networking and the Proper Use of Social Media 10
How to Get Your Resume Noticed 10
Elevator Pitch: Make a Good Impression in Less Than 30 Seconds 10
How Do I Transition?
Effective Strategies for a Job Search / eRecruiting 10
Pursuing the Right Job Opportunity 10
How to Negotiate for a Job 10
So You Want to Start a Business 10
Meet the Mentors / CMP Introduction 10
Workshop Substitutes
Community Service: 10
* Community Scholars
* Wooden Floor
* Rotary Reads
* Ronald McDonald House
* Centennial Park
* Other volunteering activity
Art Event 10
Ethics at the Beach 10
CBA-493 Internship Course 10
Total Possible Workshop Points 200
Minimum Necessary for Certification - 70% 140




  • SCPD Orientation: an overview of SCPD and the professional development opportunities available for CBA students (business majors and minors).
  • Mission, Vision, Values: Intended to align your vision of your future with your personal attributes and value system to help you make better career choices.
  • Team Building: A teamwork oriented workshop to help you be more effective in a team environment by providing an understanding of how individual psychological profiles affect team interaction and identifying five things that contribute to team dysfunction.
  • Communication: best practices to enhance both in-person and electronic communication in the workplace .
  • Conflict Resolution:  learn productive approaches to ending conflict, including active listening and engagement, surfacing the real conflict, uncovering / creating common ground, and building a positive new dynamic .



  • How to Reach Your Goals: Learn how the best of the best reach and exceed their goals each and every time!
  • Financial Planning: Learn some of the basics and advanced strategies that are necessary in today’s world to achieve financial success!
  • Business and The Arts: Learn the importance of the arts for the 21st century business professionals and how cultural literacy in the arts and creative thinking can be help at business functions, job interviews, etc.
  • Business Etiquette: This workshop will focus on appearance, behavior and attitude in the corporate world, and also provide insight on social skills and other information relevant in any business function for a successful professional.
  • Ethics in Business: While we usually know the right thing to do, dealing with potential conflict can feel uncomfortable and takes practice. Most crises are avoidable. We will look at what giving voice to values can mean, how you can apply it in situations you encounter in life and the workplace, with tips and discussion on managing them .

Some workshops offered by the Career Development Center and Leadership Academy are Passport Approved.


  • Leadership in the Workplace: A discussion on what is leadership and specific traits that employers look for when hiring a new team member, and how, as an entry level employee, can you demonstrate your leadership skills. Opportunity for self-assessment and tips on how to improve specific traits will be provided.
  • Networking and the Proper use of Social Media: This workshop teaches you how to build and maintain a professional network, how social networks are used in a business environment and what employers look for when using them to screen prospective employees.
  • Ace That Interview: Behavior Based Techniques! Instruction on how to be well prepared for interviews, including what employers ask and why, how to answer those questions and how to prepare for your internship or job interview.
  • How to Get Your Resume Noticed: learn how to create a stellar resume.
  • Elevator Pitch: Make a Good First Impression in Less Than 30 Seconds: learn how to summarize your accomplishments and leave a strong and positive impression in any situation. Great for job interviews!


Some workshops offered by the Career Development Center and Leadership Academy are Passport Approved.



  • Effective Strategies for a Job Search and eRecruiting: Students need a strategy for landing the job that they want. This workshop will provide tips of how to develop that strategy with successful methods, pros and cons, and how to analyze factors driving hiring, and how to use the internet based job search to your advantage.
  • Pursuing the Right Job Opportunity (f.k.a. Evaluating a Job Offer): Learn the tools necessary to evaluate a job offer with confidence, how to align your values, skills and preferences with potential job opportunities.
  • Negotiating for a Job: Life is a negotiation and nowhere is this truer than when negotiating a job offer or a salary increase. This workshop will discuss important factors in good negotiations and how to apply them when negotiating a job opportunity.
  • So You Want to Start a Business: Not a workshop on entrepreneurship, but a guide to the practical considerations of starting any business.
  • CMP Introduction: CBA senior students have the opportunity to be paired with a mentor from the corporate world who will prepare them for a career as they shift their focus from academics to profession. This workshop is an introduction to the Corporate Mentoring Program, including how students benefit from having a mentor and the requirements to get in.

Students must complete a minimum of 70% of the workshops to receive a certificate.