Corporate Mentoring Program

Corporate Mentoring Program Senior Graduates Spring 2009

CMP is an optional Level IV activity that fulfills the elective and community service activity requirements. CMP students are paired with a corporate mentor for an academic year. Under the terms of a mutually agreed contract the mentor guides the student through personal choices that can impact a career. The focus is on character building, dependability, professionalism and self-confidence. A leadership retreat focuses on effective teamwork, leadership attributes and the application of technical skills in a team environment.

Fall Semester

CMP participants: The fall semester begins with a (mandatory), SCPD Kick- off, Holiday Mixer, and Fall Trainings.

Spring Semester

CMP participants: The spring semester includes at least a once a month meeting of mentee and mentor, attendance to all major SCPD events including the SCPD Book Drive, Awards Banquet and Spring Trainings.

It also includes the Leadership Retreat which is a fun way to develope teamwork and leadership skills.

Application Requirements

1. Be in good standing with the University
2. Have a minimum 2.5 GPA
3. Have a letter of recommendation
4. Pass an interview
5. Completed Level I and Level II requirements
6. Attended the Ethics in the Workplace workshop
7. Attended the CMP Introduction workshop