Community Scholars Program

Community Scholars Campus Visit 2009

Students mentor local high school students and use their positive college experiences to model success. Student mentors hone their presentation skills, work collaboratively and attend professional networking events. The program culminates when the high school students are brought to campus to help motivate them to succeed in high school and go to college. A student does not have to participate in the Passport to Success program in order to participate in Community Scholars. However, it should be noted that Community Scholars satisfies the community service requirements of Levels II, III and IV.

Fall Semester

The fall semester begins with two training days to build cohesion within the group and creating workshops to best help Jordan High School students.  In addition to the training, attendance to major SCPD events such as the SCPD Leadership Retreat (Spring Semetser), Kickoff (late-September), and Holiday Mixer (December) are required.  

Spring Semester

The spring semester consists of a mentor-mentee mixer at Jordan High school, 5-6 Jordan High School workshop visits, a CSULB campus visit, and an evening of recognition at the SCPD Awards Banquet (May 2012).

Application Requirements

1. Be in good standing with the University
2. Have a minimum 2.5 GPA
3. Letter of recommendation
4. Pass an interview