Picture of Passport to Success.PASSPORT TO SUCCESS

SCPD programs were updated in academic year 2010-2011 to meet the changing needs of students entering the workforce in the second decade of the 21st century. The result of the update is a flexible umbrella program called Passport to Success (Passport). Passport is a two-year certificate-based professional development program available to junior and senior business majors or minors. It has four elements – the Business Professional Certificate, Community Scholars Program, Junior Mentoring Program and Corporate Mentoring Program. The awarding of certificates is based solely on student fulfillment of the respective program requirements. Certificates are important because they demonstrate to a potential employer a student’s commitment to self-improvement through participation in extra-curricular professional development activities. Students who successfully complete the requirements for each program receive each respective certificate at our Awards Banquet Ceremony, held in May of each year.



The journey begins with an orientation, where students will learn about the opportunities in every step of the way and after graduation, and how to take advantage of their participation in our programs. It is important to note that for the most part there is no particular order in which students have to take the workshops. It is up to each student to ensure that he or she attends enough workshops over a two year period to earn the Business Professional Certificate. Participating in Community Scholars or volunteering on a regular schedule at a non-profit organization will satisfy community service requirements. Joining a local Toastmasters Club can also earn a student credit towards the Certificate. Regularly attending and participating in a Toastmasters Club can improve a student’s job prospects (and grades) through improved presentation skills and greater self-confidence. Junior can also apply for the Junior Mentoring Program, and be paired with a young professional to guide them as they focus on upper level courses and seek professional experience through internships. For students who meet the criteria the final stop on the itinerary is the Corporate Mentoring Program which pairs a senior student with business leader in a year-long mentoring relationship.



Every traveler must go through certain formalities that usually result in some kind of approval, admission and stamp reflecting that you were processed through the formality. The pages in the Passport will reflect “where the student has been” in the program. Students who attend a workshop or other activity should have their attendance recorded either by a swipe of their Student ID Card or their signature on an attendance sheet. After a workshop or activity attendees will be asked to complete an online evaluation of the content and presenter. Please know that once the report is generated, all surveys are anonymous. After completing the evaluation students may then go to the SCPD office and have their passport stamped. Passports will not be stamped unless the evaluation is completed.



As can be seen from the above, it is possible for a student to earn three Certificates over a two year period. However, that would involve an incredible effort beginning with a student’s first semester as a junior. Students attempting such an accomplishment should be mindful of the time commitments required for academics, work, social events and other extracurricular activities (i.e. sports or student organizations). Ambitious students should also be able to earn one or more of the Certificates in the course of an academic year. Though again, this would involve a time commitment that most students may wish to spread out over two years so as not to interfere with other activities.



Students participating in SCPD programs are expected to live up to the commitments they make. Students are responsible for ensuring that their activities are properly recorded in their Passport and in the SCPD office in order to be eligible for a Certificate. The SCPD office maintains a database of student activities to ensure that commitments are being kept and it is important that this database be accurate.



Do not lose your Passport. It is a record of your achievements. You will be charged $25.00 for a replacement passport