CMP Leadership Retreat

The CMP Leadership Retreat provides a highly effective learning experience that fosters personal growth, teamwork and leadership skills. It consists of lectures and activities that encourage examination of self as well as challenging, experiential learning activities designed to enhance various skills relating to teamwork, leadership, trust, communication and many others that can be applied to academics and life in general. This is one of the mandatory events for CMP students with transportation, meals, lodging and activities provided free of charge.

The 2015 CMP Leadership Retreat was sponsored in part by Northwestern Mutual-Newport Beach. Students had the pleasure of listening to the inspiring story of managing partner, Mr. Timothy Mulroy.


retreat 2015

A special thanks to Mr. Mulroy for joining us at this year's retreat, and to Northwestern Mutual for a strong partnership for the support of all our programs for many years now!



  • sleeping bag or sheets, blankets and pillow (we will be sleeping inside the cabins, but the camp does not provide bedding, only mattresses and beds, so either bring a sleeping bag or sheets and blankets)
  • shower towel and toiletries, and any medication that you take daily
  • sweat pants or jeans (make sure it is comfortable as we will be outdoors on Saturday); and maybe 1 pair of shorts
  • t-shirts and long sleeved shirts
  • underwear and socks for four days
  • sweatshirt or hoodie and (rain) jacket
  • wool hat and gloves
  • pajamas
  • tennis shoes or light hiking boots (comfortable gym shoes for outdoor activities) and flip-flops
  • chap stick, sunscreen and insect repellent
  • water bottle
  • sunglasses
  • flashlight
  • reading material
  • hairdryer (optional)

Visit this website to check out the weather and pack accordingly:

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For more information please email the SCPD office at or call us at (562) 985-2265.