Student Organizations

Please Contact the CBA Webmaster with the Organization name and URL of any student organization that should be added or updated here. Please keep the Organizational Beach Sync account updated with the correct Social Media Links.

A first generation college graduate gives a talk on how student leaders from colleges with limited resources can still transform the lives of thousands by using the PAS formula to run their organizations. TEDX CSULB

List of CBA Student Organizations Websites and Beach Sync Links
CBA Organization Names Beach Sync Links
Social Media Links
Associated Business Students Organizations Council (ABSOC) BeachSync for ABSOC
American Marketing Association (AMA) BeachSync AMA
Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Society (BAP) BeachSync BAP
Black Business Students Association (BBSA) BeachSync BBSA
Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) BeachSync DSP
Financial Management Association (FMA) BeachSync FMA
Hispanic Students Business Association (HSBA) BeachSync HSBA
Human Resource Management Association (HRMA) BeachSync HRMA
Association for Information Systems  (AIS) BeachSync AIS
International Business Association (IBA) BeachSync IBA
Graduate Program Students and Alumni (GBA) BeachSync GBA
Society for Advancement of Management (SAM) BeachSync SAM


Please contact CBA Webmaster with the name and URL of any student organization that should be added or updated. Thank you CBA Webmaster.