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6:00 PM
The Pointe

Intelligent Resource Management

GEORGE ADAMS, CEO and President of SA Recycling

George Adams, CEO and President of SA Recycling, will share his fascinating story:

  • How he used innovation and technology to grow a scrap metal junkyard into a leader in the recycling industry
  • How cutting-edge technologies are helping to sustain our planet
  • How to become a leader who makes a difference in business and industry

6:00 PM - Welcome
6:45 PM - Presentation

George Adams
George Adams
CEO and President of SA Recycling

As President of SA Recycling, George Adams has implemented innovative practices and cutting edge technologies that protect our planet’s natural resources and create a sustainable environment.

Recycling 2.5 million tons of metal annually and operating 40 recycling facilities throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada, SA Recycling is recognized as an industry leader in metal recycling.

George Adams has served as Chair of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. representing more than 1,600 private, for-profit companies that process, broker, and industrially consume scrap commodities.

Adams is active in local politics and is a major supporter of business, social, and charitable programs.

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Location Details: The Pointe Conference Center

The Pointe is located in the base of the Walter Pyramid on Merriam Way on the beautiful California State University, Long Beach campus. Directions to The Pointe

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