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Major in Operations and Supply Chain Management

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Option in Operations and Supply Chain Management (code MGMTBS02) (120 units)

The Operations and Supply Chain Management curriculum is designed to develop student competence in the conceptual, systematic, and analytical tools required for positions in manufacturing and service-oriented industries. Emphasis is placed on the roles of not only manufacturers and suppliers but also other supply chain participants, such as transporters, retailers, warehouses, and customers. The curriculum covers all functions involved in receiving and filling a customer request – functions including, but not limited to, new product development, operations, distribution, finance, marketing, and customer service.

CSULB Operations and Supply Chain Management Advisory Board.


Operations and Supply Chain Management Undergraduate Program

  • SCM 411:             Operations Planning and Control
  • SCM 414:             Supply Chain Management

Select 12 units from the following:

  • MGMT 412:        Production Control
  • MGMT 413:        Managing Quality for Productivity
  • MGMT 430:        Project Management
  • MGMT 454:        Organization Theory
  • MGMT 455:        Managerial Decision Making Processes
  • MGMT 456:        Service Management
  • SCM 410:           Logistics Management