Management & Human Resource Management


Management Objective: Management Objective: The management option is designed to prepare students for a successful career in managing the business enterprise. Attention is given to creating and maintaining an effective and efficient organization in the face of a challenging dynamic global environment.  The philosophical, theoretical, and practical foundations of management will be considered in the context of values and ethics.  Highly qualified and dedicated faculty deliver courses on various aspects of management theory and practice, preparing students for professional careers in middle and upper management


Operations and Supply Chain Management Objective: The objective of the operations management curriculum is to prepare and stimulate student competence in the conceptual, systematic and analytical tools prerequisite for entry level and advanced positions in goods-producing and service-oriented industries. Emphasis is placed on the systems approach which stresses the concepts, techniques, and policies essential for the economical and effective design, operations and control of manpower, facilities, materials, capital and informational inputs of organizations. Students are introduced to productivity tools such as Total Quality Control, Manufacturing Resource Planning, Just-In-Time Techniques, Simulation and Animation of Production Operations, Optimized Production Techniques, Kanban Systems, Japanese Productivity Techniques, and Decision Support Systems.


The HRM program in the College of Business Administration offers the student many distinct advantages when compared to undergraduate programs elsewhere.

  • Class sizes are small promoting active learning and extensive interaction with the faculty.
  • The quality of the faculty is uniformly high. They are in the forefront of their fields and bring practical experience and orientation to enrich a sound conceptual base.
  • The HRM curriculum is recognized by business and industry for the high quality of its graduates. It is the only undergraduate HRM degree offered at an accredited College of Business Administration in Southern California. The MBA is accredited, as well.
  • The HRM program is supported by an extensive alumni network active in the HR profession in Southern California. The HRM Advisory Board, made up of some of the top HR professionals in the area, offers the program guidance and support.
  • Most importantly, the Faculty sincerely care and are concerned about the student's education and welfare. Faculty are accessible to students beyond the classroom.