Testimonials - Saturday MBA

Read what our alumni have to say about the program.

Greg McMahon, Class of 2009

femba pic The decision to pursue the MBA program was an investment in my career. My undergrad was in engineering, but I wanted have the credential and business acumen the MBA offered to further my career. When I started the program I was a sales engineer and when I graduated I had already been promoted to sales manager. I have since changed industries and have gained experience in product development and strategy. Being able to learn from and collaborate with my cohort was the most valuable experience for me. The friends I made are an important part of my personal and professional network that make me glad I was part of the program.

Jennifer Stellmacher Rheault, MBA Class of 2012

The MBA program has a strong focus on marketing, which makes it a great opportunity for refinement or development.  Also, because of their broad areas of experience, my peers challenged me to think about different marketing perspectives.  Lastly, I commend CSULB for being a marketing leader by introducing upcoming relevant trends, such as sustainability. 

Mia Lao, MBA class of 2013

  • Why did you pursue your SMBA at CSULB?
    • I researched many schools before I made my decision to go to CSULB.  The reason why I chose this school is because the school has a good reputation and it accommodated my full time work schedule.
  • What were the best career or life lessons you learned through your SMBA experience?
    • The best career and life lesson I learned would have to be from my sustainability class.  I learned the impact of businesses like the one I currently work for, on our environment both good and bad.  For example, Toyota is the pioneered the hybrid vehicles- I learned that they did not just develop this for mere profit reasons, but that this company thought of the impact of the vehicles on greenhouse gas emission.  The company’s innovative thinking not only led to a better vehicle for the environment but also saved the consumers on their gas mileage.  Additionally, Toyota also contributes greatly to its community, not only through monetary contributions but also by allowing its employees to volunteer many hours towards different agency.  One prime example is with LATM which happened to be the nonprofit group where my SMBA team focused for one of our many projects. 
  • What were your biggest challenges during the program?
    • The biggest challenge during the program was the time our SMBA team had to allocate during the week to keep up with the deliverables for our Saturday classes.  We had to learn to prioritize even more, manage our time wisely, and work in teams.
  • What are you doing professionally or do you plan to do now that you’ve completed the program?
    • I continue to work for the same company and plan to stay here to continue to grow and develop my career.  Three months after my MBA graduation, I was promoted to a manager position.  I now manage a larger team and I owe my education for preparing me for this.