Curriculum and Sample Schedule

The 23-month Saturday MBA with a focus on Sustainability where, due to the cohort nature of the program, all students take all classes at the same time (see sample schedule below.) There is a three-day, mandatory orientation prior to the start of the program.  The program includes an international experience at the end of the program that counts as one of the Advanced Study courses.

See the university catalog for class descriptions.

First year core courses: Accounting 500, Management 500, Marketing 500, Finance 501.

Second year core courses: I S 601, I S 602, HRM 652, ACCT 610, MGMT 657, MKTG 661, FIN 600.

Advanced Study courses: These four classes will be taken in different disciplines.

GBA 699: Integrated Analyses. This is the culminating experience of the program.

Two courses are taught in a hybrid format in this program – MKTG 500 and HRM 652. 

Sample schedule:

1st term  2nd term 3rd term 4th term
Aug 24-Nov 2 Nov 9-Feb 1 Feb 15-May 3 May 10-Jul 26
ACCT  500 ACCT 610 I S 601 MKTG  661
I S 602 MGMT 500 MKTG 500 FIN 501
5th term 6th term 7th term 8th term
Aug 9-Oct 18 Nov 1-Jan 25 Feb 7-Apr 18 Apr 25-Jul 11
FIN 600 HRM 652 Adv. Study Adv. Study
MGMT 647 Adv. Study GBA 699 Int'l Trip