Saturday MBA Costs

Saturday MBA Program Costs

The cost for the Saturday MBA is $1,000 per unit, or $3,000 for a three-unit class.  The total cost for the 48 unit Program is $48,000.   All fees and costs are subject to change without notice. The cost includes tuition, books and materials, parking, breakfast and lunch on the days classes are held, and 3-day orientation. The program also pays for the costs of the international trip, while in-country. Students are responsible for airline tickets to and from the destination, as well as ground transportation to and from the airport to the hotel.

Financial Aid

The Saturday MBA program is eligible for financial aid. For more information and for the online application, visit . Please also contact the CSULB Office of Financial Aid for additional information.

If you are planning to use a Veterans Fee Waiver, or any other type of fee waiver, please contact the program coordinator.