Alumni Voices - Evening MBA

Doug Sack, Class of 2013

Vice President, Strategy at CitizenNet

Smiling young man Graduating with my MBA from CSULB was one of the best choices I have made for my professional career. There is no question that obtaining my MBA has allowed me to progress through my career with an established base of knowledge that I have continued to build on each day of my professional life.  Not only did the MBA program give me more advanced understanding of the business world but it taught me how to operate like a professional and provided a network of likeminded people collaborate with. These connections have both helped me in the short-term to jump-start my career but are also long-term connections (and friends) that will help me as I continue to progress through my career.

Lavinia Ciuciui, Class of 2014

Business Technology Solutions, Business Analyst at American Honda Finance Corp.

Young woman smiling My experience in the CSULB MBA program was a life changing one. I use a lot of the tools and critical thinking mindset in the work that I do today as a Business Analyst at American Honda Finance Corp. I started working here as an intern, doing a full time summer CPT (Curricular Practical Training). That internship turned into a fulltime job after I graduated, under my OPT (Optional Practical Training). Eventually my OPT turned into a work visa, but it took a lot of planning ahead for all the deadlines to be met. As an international student, planning starts as soon as the MBA starts. I feel I got a lot out of my MBA experience, I got to work on projects with colleagues from around the world and was led by instructors with diverse experience, this was excellent preparation for the corporate world.

Meharvan Singh, Class of 2016

Business Consultant at Yorktown Main

Young man in business suit The CSULB MBA has positively impacted my professional life in a number of ways. It has made me more confident in interacting with clients and communicating with them, and given the depth of the curriculum, I am able to better understand topics of discussion in conversations and meetings related to just about any functional area - from accounting to human resources. Furthermore, with the extensive use of Excel, I am directly using the technical skills I gained in my finance classes, and as a result, am able to create better, more accurate financial models. Being part of the MBA program at CSULB was the experience of a lifetime - I made some amazing friends, had a great academic experience, and had the privilege of interacting with and being taught by brilliant faculty members.

Ayako Chizaki, Class of 2015

 Pricing Transfer Consultant, Ernst & Young LLP

Youg Asian woman in business suitChoosing the CSULB MBA program was the first step in my career change from the apparel industry to the business world. My original goal was to build a career in the U.S. at a company that provides great training and experience. As an international student, I also needed to consider my visa status. I am currently working for Ernst & Young, LLP as a Transfer Pricing consultant. My job is to support multinational companies from an international tax point of view. I use the skills I learned in my MBA classes every day in my job. For instance, I use the skills from the Accounting classes to analyze financial statements and annual reports. Finance classes taught me to allocate profits and assets to entities in different jurisdictions. In my Marketing and Management classes I learned to analyze Economy and Industry trends. In addition, I use the team work skills that I learned from group projects, since the Transfer Pricing team consists of people with different skill sets including Lawyers, Economists, and Accountants. My career change was a success because of the different skills I learned in the MBA program.