Testimonials - Evening MBA

Steve Brandon, CSULB, MBA ’97

Chief Executive Office

Honda Federal Credit Union

I elected to pursue an MBA to continue my career progression as I had already achieved managerial responsibilities. However, I aspired to the next plateau which was the executive ranks and understood an MBA would greatly facilitate that objective. After evaluating various schools I selected CSULB due to its location, student diversity and academic reputation. What I gained from my CSULB MBA is a broad and diverse educational experience which encompassed various disciplines that effectively integrated with real world experiences and situations.

My CSULB MBA gave me the tools, knowledge and business acumen to achieve my goal of becoming a Chief Executive Officer.

I’d like to thank CSULB, its professors and staff for contributing to my continued success.

Gina Cerchio, MBA Class of 2011

The most memorable experience I had in the MBA program at CSULB was working for the Long Beach Aquarium to analyze the possibilities for implementing a green program for businesses in Long Beach. This project had real life meaning, and real life consequences, which made our efforts all the more important.